Counterfeit Human Rights

Our humanity is killing us.

Muslims are trying to replace the deeply flawed Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the Cairo Declaration of  (counterfeit)  Human Rights under Islam. According to Islamic law, non Muslims have no rights at all.  (Ah yeah, don’t bother telling me that dhimmies are ‘protected peoples’ and the jiziyah exempts them from military service: its all a lot of BS.   Dunno ’bout you, but I will never submit!)

Under the Islamic sharia, non Muslims can be, (and are)  to be exploited, enslaved, subjugated, humiliated, forcibly converted and legally annihilated.

Fanning Ourselves

Cheradenine Zakalwe of Islam versus Europe has once again taken up the issue of “human rights” as the term is employed by members of the Counterjihad movement. He broached this theme several weeks ago, with specific reference to the Brussels Conference, which at that point had just concluded.  Read more »

Questions for the Human Rights Fanboys and Fangirls Within the Counterjihad Movement

Any member of the Counterjihad movement who supports the idea of human rights must take a public position on the way the idea has been implemented in modern Europe. An abundance of news reports make it clear that human rights judges are facilitating the islamisation of Europe and its demographic conquest by third-worlders generally.

Questions for the Human Rights Fanboys–read it all