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Burma: ‘Tensions’ between Buddhist residents and illegal Muslims kill seven….

Submitted on 2012/08/01 at 11:15 am

this is a fake site with a fake name.the people here are all filthy shit on earth they them selves must be cleaned.these people have no facts they just talk rubbish shit. mr jay u think ur self a human u bastard ur telling its good innocent ppl are killed just bcoz they r muslims.u bastard should be killed urself.and kamal u will insha allah die a dogs death.u ppl u ppl think u can say anything and we will hear it.when u talk of killing its good and when we reply to it we r called terrorists u mother fuckers.and now those bastards who talk about islams teachings,b4 opening ur asshole mouth just read quran and hadith.dont come to these fuking fake sites for knowledge.bcoz these are made to spread hatred n enimity.

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  1. Muslim projection. They are the ones who spread hatred and enmity, yet they blame EVERYONE else for it. Typical.

  2. So true Stephanie, So true.

    “the people here are all filthy shit on earth”

    Says the people whose cultural heritage is to shag poor defenseless animals and wipe their arse with their hands.

    Muslim projection, indeed!!

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