Dep't of Lesbionic Homeland Insecurity: "The System Works"

Janet Napolitano-Run Homeland Security Routinely Humiliated Male Staffers, Federal Discrimination Lawsuit Alleges

The Department of Homeland Security is being slapped with a scathing federal discrimination suit, which accuses DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano of turning the agency into a woman-run “frat house” where male employees were regularly humiliated and even exiled to the bathrooms, the New York Daily News reports.

 Janet Napolitano and her mainstream media militia have already trainedbrainwashed millions into recognizing that terrorist acts  originate with our returning war veterans (aka ‘lone wolf extremists’), anti-abortion church-going radicals, or any one of America’s evil-white-middle-class ‘homegrown’ terrorists lurking in parking lots, shopping malls and transportation hubs.

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  1. The way that the sisterhood has gone from being a ‘discriminated against’ powerless victim to an overbearing clique is a foretaste of how those poor muslims currently suffering discrimination will behave once they obtain positions of power too.

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