France: “yesterday our little brothers did a good job….”

 “Imagine if we got involved, then it would get serious. It’s a shame nobody got killed yesterday.”

What could explain the rioting? Typically, some important clues are missing from most of the reports:

FRENCH Interior Minister Manuel Valls has been booed in the northern city of Amiens, hours after riots cast a shadow over President Francois Hollande’s celebration of 100 days in power.

Another riot by people with no identity (Andrew Bolt)

But some reports do include the background without which these riots seem inexplicable:

French police have long warned that tensions remain explosive in France’s high-immigrant rundown suburbs, where youth unemployment often tops 40 per cent and a sense of racial discrimination and marginalisation periodically spills into violence.


Yeah.  The liberal escape hatch. The “racial discrimination and marginalisation ” schtick is getting old. Try Islam, islamic conquest, terror and dhimmitude for a change. 
We are told he rioters are  mostly from Muslim former French colonies :  Algerians, Tunisians, Moroccans, Gabonese, Malians and Cameroonians…
In practice, most are the children of (Muslim) immigrants….

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  1. Vote Front Nationale next time Frenchmen and get your country back . Soon we’ll have these low IQ , ungrateful scum out of our continent and we’ll see how marginalised they feel back in the third world with out all the White man’s technology and free social security money.

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