If it smells like BS chances are that it is…BS

There is a difference between being stupid and learned stupidity. What you read below is university grade stupidity, stuff that we call wakademic tosh:

From the abstract:  “She explores the discourse around gender-based practices such as veiling, forced marriages and honour killings to reveal the ways in which expressions of Islamophobia have become normalized and neutralized through the articulation and juxtaposition of traditions of patriarchy and gender inequality within Islam and counter traditions of gender equality in the West. She argues that the effect of this is two-fold. First, it unquestioningly reinforces the idea that Islam is oppressive to women, homogenizing and generalizing such oppression as representative of the whole rather than as specific to the few. Second, it allows for the silencing of the voices of Muslim women while simultaneously proclaiming a desire to free them from such silencing. Fernandez suggests that it is this duality hidden behind a facade of concern for gender equality that facilitates the institutionalization of Islamophobic norms.”–

Check it out on BCF:

An “anti-oppressive, anti-racist position” means never having to mention Islam…

2 thoughts on “If it smells like BS chances are that it is…BS”

  1. We seem to be generating a whole range of dubious and wasteful wacadamia wilt this islamophobia guff. the islamists must be laughing!!!!

  2. @kaw,

    Ha. they got to get all that grant money somehow! To justify their existence.

    Hmmm. Interesting. “the islamists must be laughing!!!!”

    I tend to see the islamists rubbing their hands together in a more maniacal fashion, exclaiming that their dastardly plans are all coming to fruition with the help of the stupid left.

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