Jihad in Kenya: Media Reports "Ethnic Bloodbath" Kills 62

Ethnic Bloodbath in Kenya kills 62 people, mostly women and children

 The ethnic Pokomo tribe of farmers attacked the pastoralist Ormas, burning down entire villages, killing people at random, as well as the cattle. This was a revenge attack for a small attack ten days ago, when the Orma herdsmen attacked Pokomo villagers. This has revived fears of an all-out tribal war in Kenya….. (More)

A witness, Mahmud Mohamed, who escorted the four to the hospital, said that grazing land was not an issue, and said the clashes are politically instigated.

Thanks to Pamela we find out what’s really going on, here:

Jihad in Kenya: 52 Dead

Dead at the scene were 31 women, 11 children and six men, many of whom had been hacked to death, or had been barricaded in their huts and burned to death. Four others died at a hospital. Same jihad as in neighboring Sudan. But you wouldn’t know it from the LA Times coverage of …ahem “ethnic clashes.”

Excellent letter to the dhimmi Dixon from Atlas reader Chris in Los Angeles.

Dear Ms. Dixon,

Re:  Tribal dispute over land kills 52 in Kenya

I must congratulate you on your meticulous avoidance of the true nature of the conflict between the Pokomos and the Ormas in Kenya.  This is a sectarian conflict between the Pokomo who are 90% Christian and who till the land to raise crops and the Orma who are 95% Muslim and graze their herds with no regard to property rights or the fact that their herds are destroying planted crops.

This sectarian tragedy in Kenya is reminiscent of the Islamic conquest of the predominately Christian Middle East and parts of Europe in the 7th Century.  Bat Ye’or in her seminal book, The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam, documents that the advances of the Arab razzias were reinforced by destruction of the infrastructure by the nomadic Bedouins who followed them. “Country areas, particularly the plains and valleys populated with hamlets and villages, were ravaged by Bedouins who set fire to crops, massacred and carried off the peasantry and their cattle, and left nothing but ruins.” (pg. 45) “Lastly, the effects of the psychological element of fear in furthering the Islamization of the conquered lands cannot be emphasized too strongly. The population fled before the instability created by the spread of nomads, who set ambushes, killed or ransomed villagers, and carried off women and children.” (pg. 67)  According to historian Henri Pirenne (Mohammed and Charlemagne), this Islamic blight led to the Dark Age in Europe.  History repeats once more.

Why must the LA Times obscure the truth about what is happening in Kenya and elsewhere in the world?

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  1. That’s funny. I saw a news report about it on France24 and thought to myself, “There’s probably a Muslim angle here they’re covering up,” but didn’t have time to research it.

  2. I heard about this on ABC Radio 24. My ears pricked up, I though “is this another MSM coverup? probably, I hope not”.
    The cherry on the outrage cake is that we are being blatently lied to again.

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