Khameini wants a 'knowledge based' economy

But everything worth knowing is already in the Koran. And western education is ‘haram’- so where to from here?

Another Call for Israel’s Annihilation

Ahmadinejad in Ramadan speech: “Anyone who loves freedom and justice must strive for the annihilation of the Zionist regime in order to pave the way for world justice and freedom”

Not to worry, I’m sure its another mistranslation. ‘Out of context’.  Or something:

In a speech posted yesterday on his website, Ahmadinejad contended that the ultimate goal of world forces should be the annihilation of Israel.

 Zebiba Boyz Spooked:

IRANIAN REGIME Blasts GOP Candidate Mitt Romney

The regime in Tehran slammed Mitt Romney for his recent statements supporting an Israeli attack on Iran.
Press TV reported: (GWP)

What Obama Hasn’t Said About Iran

From Pressure Points: Biden, Panetta, Obama on Iran by Elliott Abrams August 1, 2012 Share 0 1 Last May, Vice President Biden took an extremely hard line on Iran.  ”We will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon by whatever means we need,” he …Read More…

3 thoughts on “Khameini wants a 'knowledge based' economy”

  1. What this president Ahmadinjad guy said shows his real mindset. Then President Obama and the other leaders ofthe six world powers still feel that they might be able to have some kind of rational “talks’ based on reason with him or his officals is an act of folly.

  2. A knowledge based economy would require getting rid of all the muslims in the country and importing kaffirs to do the work. Thats the only way to get some knowledge into the economy.

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