"Kill Alawites Wherever You Find Them"

Al-Qaeda, al schmaeda:

Al-Qaeda-linked Muslim cleric says Muslims should kill Alawites everywhere, without mercy

He says they’re even worse than the Christians and Jews! But here again, this kind of thing has become dull with familiarity: the prospect of a cleric, any cleric, calling for the killing of anyone should arouse international outrage, even if he is an “Al-Qaeda sheikh.” But we are so used to Muslim clerics calling for blood, or so determined to ignore them, that this will get little notice. “Fatwa By Senior Al-Qaeda Sheikh Sanctions Killing ‘Alawites In Syria,” from MEMRI, August 9 (thanks to Lachlan):

The jihadi website Shumoukh Al-Islam has posted a fatwa by senior Al-Qaeda sheikh ‘Abdallah Khaled Al-‘Adm (aka Abu ‘Ubayda), titled “don’t consult with anyone [before] killing ‘Alawites.” The fatwa, dated July 12, 2012, calls upon the Sunnis in Syria to kill ‘Alawites everywhere, without mercy, for they are greater infidels than the Christians and Jews and do greater harm to Islam.

Onward Muslim Soldiers!

Mujahadeen vow to make Syria a sharia state, now that they feel they have conquered it  (Vlad Tepes)