Londonistan: The Worlds First Marxist Muslim Olympics!

There’s Da’awa Going On!

‘Invitation to Islam’ outside Olympic Village in Londonistan:

Hijab Promo

Saudi judoka who got Olympic rules changed to wear hijab is blue belt and would never have qualified for Olympics

Now the whole story of the Saudi girl who got Olympic rules changed so she could compete in judo wearing a hijab becomes clear. She has only been practicing judo for two years, and is only a blue belt. She was only in the Olympics by special invitation. This is like grabbing some guy from the local karate school, some guy who has been stopping in on Fridays for awhile to get back into shape, and throwing him into the Olympics. (More)


Guilt by association? But of course: 

German Rower Ordered Home Because Her Boyfriend is Member of ‘Far-Right’ Party

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

We really are living in the Twilight Zone. Muslims demand screens so they don’t have to look at Jews and the OIC is happy to accommodate them. European athletes make innocent jokes (it has yet to be explained to me how the Greek athlete’s joke was racist) and are sent home. Now an athlete is sent home not for something she has done, but because her boyfriend is a member of a lawful political party! Note that she had already been forced out of her chosen career as a police officer, presumably for the same reason. And isn’t it interesting how both of these athletes are attractive blonde women, as if the very Europeanness of their appearance merited an extra dash of persecution?

German Olympic officials said Friday that a rower who was a member of the country’s women’s eight crew has left the Olympics after a broadcaster reported that her partner was a supporter of Germany’s far right.

Nadja Drygalla, German rower, left London after report that boyfriend is far-right extremist.

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In other news:

 My  dear friend and  fellow freedom fighter  Chris Knowles of the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) just lost his job

My name is Chris Knowles. I was formerly a Director of the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA).  Today I was summarily dismissed from my employment with the Children’s Services Department of Leeds City Council. This follows a suspension that was initiated about seven months ago, as a result of an allegation about me that was published in The Sunday Times.

The Baron from GoV has already done an article on this disgraceful, revolting  overreach by the fascist  mind-control nazis that are destroying Britain: The Irony of “Unison”

The national Olympic association’s general director, Michael Vesper, said he and German rowing officials held a meeting with Nadja Drygalla in which she “stressed credibly” that she “is committed to the values of the Olympic charter.”

Drygalla was done competing at the games after the women’s eight team failed to make Thursday’s final.

Vesper says Drygalla said she would leave the Olympic village to avoid any “burden for the Olympic team.” The chairman of the national rowing association, Siegfried Kaidel, said it would hold further talks with Drygalla after the Olympics on “the further course of action.”

IOC spokesman Mark Adams said “I don’t think it’s an issue for us because she hasn’t said or done anything related to the games.”

Drygalla is a former police trainee. The state interior ministry in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, in northeastern Germany, said it came to its attention last year that her acquaintances included people who belong to the far-right scene.

A ministry statement said “intensive talks” were held with Drygalla which resulted in her resigning from the police force at the end of last September.

7 thoughts on “Londonistan: The Worlds First Marxist Muslim Olympics!”

  1. How can these people condone the genital mutilation of children and be allowed to spread their barbaric HATE in my CHRISTIAN country!!!

  2. Tony, sadly, the people of the UK has been betrayed for cheap votes and population replacement. First, by the Labour government under Blair and then by the current liberal PM-Cameron. Who is not a true Conservative.

    It is their aim, via a OWG to shame, fine, bully, intimidate and threaten you into silence and accceptance.

    Using the MSM outlets and poltical mouth pieces to reiterate a false narrative that they (Muslims) are peaceful. But, we know better. We have to live with these animals. We know why Kris Donald and many others were allowed to be murderd. Why for 20 years little girls were allowed to be raped in Oldham and Rochdale.

    ….sooner or later, there will be a Civil War in the UK and by and large the rest of Europe.

  3. Hey, faghetabowtit, OIC, IOC, what’s the difference? I spent all day yesterday on public news posts countering those experiencing pure dhimmi glee who believed that this Muslim female blue belt’s participation in the Olympics was a good thing. I told them that they were, therefore, supporting the subjugation of women by religion and violent males, that the girl didn’t have a choice on wearing the jibjab, that she was lucky she wasn’t torn in half by one of the black belts, that she could easily be killed when she returned to SA and that the whole escapade was nothing but an Islamic political stunt to promote the Muslim agenda, get attention, ruin the games and that the girl was just a stupid, immature pawn in the entire joke. The IOC should be ashamed of themselves, but …

  4. I thought, Sheikh, that you were an advocate for women’s rights! I mean, here you sound as though you’d rather have her not compete in the Olympics because she is wearing a hijab and because she is only a blue belt. I mean, she wanted to compete, she took the chance, and according to this article she got the rules changed HERSELF!!! This is an example of women power, you pessimist! She is very, very, brave! I thought she was the kind of women you were on the side of, the kind abused by men and restricted by laws that I think are un-Islamic! Huh, so if you do not think of her as a powerful women who has taken things into her own hands just because she has not completely rejected the hijab, then technically Mother Aishah is not one you are on the side of, because after Muhammad (may peace and God’s blessings be upon him) died, she willfully memorized the Holy Quran. Can you not be happy that finally, finally, finally, this stupid, fat, bloated, monarchy of Saudi Arabia has allowed a women to go to the Olympics? Can you not be happy? Even though she had the rules changed. After all, this is a gradual process and will not be ideal. A lot of athletes get to compete, even if they are really crappy at their sport. Maybe she was the most advanced woman judo player who wanted to go to the Olympics.

    But on the other dismissals…what do they have to do with Islam? I agree, the rower’s dismissal was quite wrong, and unjust-but usually crazy “Islamic” people don’t particularly care about political allegiance, and they do not do it so peacefully: as long as a person is are not adhering to their ridiculously strict form of Islam they will either kill that person because you do not believe in God, the Last Day, and/or that Muhammad (may peace and God’s blessings be upon him) is a prophet, or they will say that your faith in jihad is not strong enough, then kill you even though you believe in God, the Last Day, and that Muhammad (may peace and God’s blessings be upon him) is a prophet. What they do not do is peacefully dismiss that person!

    You know, just to be clear, I am an economically conservative peron: I like the free market, without any taxation on companies just for being companies, I do not support unions, I do like vouchers, I do not believe in welfare-but I do think gay people should be able to marry, and sort of support birth control, and I do think that people should be able to post terrible, untrue, hurtful cartoons that really aren’t funny of the Prophet (may peace and God’s blessings be upon him) on the web. When I speak of “not being allowed to”, I mean morally, not lawfully.

    A note on flag burning: I wouldn’t mind if you burned anybody’s flag-I wouldn’t mind if you burnt Saudi Arabia’s flag, for example, since it represents more, to me, the government. I wouldn’t mind if you burnt the American flag since it represents our corrupt government-but burning books is a different matter. I would not like it if you burnt Mein Kampf, or a copy of the Declaration if Independence, since they are ideas, eternal-books are more complicated than flags.

    You talk of not allowing art in Islam…this makes no sense, since the Holy Quran itself is a piece of art-have you not seen the beautiful mosaic and abstract art in it, as you callously burnt it? Have you literally no eyes, so you cannot see the love that the artists put into this beautiful book?

  5. In the typical “had the roles been reversed” scenario, had a blue belt non-Mollusk female wanted to compete against black belt Mollusk females in some global competition or another, it simply would not have been allowed and the promoters of such a scenario would have been chastised and reviled by the controlling body of the event.

    For those with their eyes open and their minds cleared, this is simply further proof that women are considered worthless by Muslims being that this girl could have been severely injured by her Olympic level black belt opponents, simply so that another millimeter could be gained for the Islamic agenda.

    I’m surprised the match lasted 82 seconds. Maybe the International Judo Federation will take her instructor’s black belt away and ban him or her from judo. That’s what should happen.

  6. As usual there are a different set of rules for mooslims cos they are speshul!!!! so very speshul!! wouldn’t be because they just can’t cut it having to compete against the rest of the world who have developed , progressed, are more advanced intellectually, physically because they have’nt been stunted, dehumanised by a 7th century psychopathic mental disorder??? now would it!

  7. Not burning Mein Kampf but okay to burn the American flag… Obviously a muslmaniac… you are a gigolo. You make an ass out of yourself here so people all over the world will laugh at your sickness. You’re not looking good. Go to the doctor. Get help.

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