The Muslim Brotherhood is "largely secular," right?


‘‘If You Don’t Leave You Will All Die’’: Christians Flee Egyptian Town After Muslims Riot

“This was an individual incident and its origin is not about Muslims and Christians, and it happens every day. It was blown out of proportion,”  Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood said.

Result as usual:

Riot leaves an Egyptian village without Christians

Must Watch: Muslim Brotherhood Revolution Being Led By Islamic Extremists Abroad and in AmericaPat Dollard

The Muslim Brotherhood is “moderate.” The Muslim Brotherhood is “largely secular,” because the Obama administration’s director of national intelligence said so. This is all a misunderstanding and has been taken out of context, because you don’t speak Arabic, and surely there are nuances on the word “kill” to consider.

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The family of Hillary Clinton’s closest advisor has a documented 33-year commitment to promoting the views of the Muslim Brotherhood.