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Primitive dole-bludgers & Che-worshipers show their monkey-like behaviour at EDL demonstration in Stockholm

Take a close look: do you really think they know what they’re doing?

Q-Society, Geller, Spencer:



Pamela updated us with a bit more from the Counter Jihad


Former Muslims from Iran

I have much more to tell, but I have to go meet with the heads of the five families…lol. I’ll have more pictures and videos, but first, all the leaders of the various groups are getting together this evening to strategize and plan for the future. This was a fantastic beginning.

Paul Weston addressing the crowd

Robert geller interview

Update: Email from Göran P.

Dear Pamela!

Did you get away from the meeting in one peace and alive? It was awful to see all these left-wing loonies screaming and yelling.
I went to Stockholm after five hours by train. When I arrived to Norra Bantorget the police had already closed the area! By security reasons they
didn’t let me in! Soon enough I was surrounded by perhaps 50-100 of those screaming idiots. I had to behave like a confused tourist so the mob wouldn’t lynch me.
I’m so sorry we couldn’t meet today – something I had been locking forward to so long. Now I’m home again after five more hours on train – so I will fall aslead easily tonight.
Hope you don’t get nightmares after the events today. As swede I’m ashamed over these idiots, but I guess socialists behave the same way – as savagers – in every country.
Please confirm that you and the other freedem-fighters got away without injuries.
May God and the angels protect you every hour, every day…..
Yours truly

Screen Shot 2012-08-05 at 4.02.25 AM

An injured policeman is helped by colleagues after being hit in the face of missiles thrown by leftist goons and islamic supremacists.

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