Much work needed to turn mass-murdering profit Muhammad into a kind hearted butcher…..

Da’awa hickups

Prophet was sent for all, says scholar

Ahmed Shaaban / thanks to Mullah

DUBAI – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was sent as a mercy to all, not only to the allies and the faithful, but also to the enemies and non-believers, said American Islamic scholar Sheikh Yusha Evans during his speech at the Ramadan Forum on Friday night, held as part of the six-lecture cultural programme for foreign communities.

“Being extremely kind-hearted, the Prophet’s eyes used to brim with tears at the slightest sign of inhumanity,” he said, adding “having been living for others, the Prophet advised us to show kindness to everyone, even when slaughtering an animal to eat.”

Sure thing:

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Sheikh Evans called upon Muslims to establish contact with the Almighty Allah through prayer and fulfill the responsibility to pass on the great message of Allah and His Prophet Muhammad to others. “It is much more important to convey the message to ignorant people because situation is confusing in today’s world. Today, truth appears to be false and false appears to be truth. There is too much negativism and stereotype being associated with Islam. When it comes to Prophet Muhammad, the confusion becomes insurmountable.“For non-Muslims, the personality of Prophet Muhammad is unbelievable. Their comments come with negativism. It is happening because we are not doing our duty as Muslims. We need to clear this negativism,” he said.

Recalling sayings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) he told the audience to mend their ways and not to wait till the last breath. “The angel of death can knock at your door anytime and will not seek your permission,” he said.

Jew-hatred much older and more deadly than that of the Nazis

A Review of  The Good Holocaust Denialby Bill Warner

[Text in gray is mine. Text in white is Bill Warner’s. lw]

There are two different Korans-an early one written in Mecca and a later one written in Medina. In Mecca, Mohammed claimed to get his Koran from Gabriel, a Jewish angel and portrayed himself in the line of Jewish prophets. Indeed, that was his proof of being a prophet; he was just like the Jews.

When Mohammed arrived in Medina, which was half Jewish, the Jews informed him that he was not a prophet of theirs. The Koran changed its attitude, and Jews became the object of hatred. Indeed, as a measurement of that hatred, 10.6% of the Koran written in Medina is about Jew hatred. Using the concept of the German Holocaust as the reference, it should be noted that 6.8% of Mein Kampf is about Jew hatred. Conclusion: the Koran written in Medina is more filled with Jew hatred than Mein Kampf. Here is one of the more egregious verses:

Koran 2:65 We [Allah] said to them [the Jews], “You will be transformed into despised apes.” So We used them as a warning to their people and to the following generations, as well as a lesson for the Allah-fearing.
[in our “politically correct” self-flagellating climate] . . . the Muslim and his ideology of political Islam has to be respected with the silence of deliberate ignorance-denial and justification
[We must recognize that the Mohammedans not only regard the Koran as “sacred,” but also . . . ]

The Sunna of Mohammed [that] is found in the Hadith (his traditions) and the Sira (his biography). In the Sira, 5.3% of the Medinan text relates to the destruction of the Jews-assassinations, executions, rapes, torture and exile. Then there are many other pages that are verbal violence against the Jews. If you add the verbal violence to the physical violence, the Medinan Sira is 8.6% Jew hatred. Mein Kampf is 6.8% Jew hatred. Conclusion: the Sira (Mohammed’s biography) contains a greater percentage of Jew hatred than Mein Kampf.When we come to the Hadith, we do not have such high percentages of text related to Jew hatred; but here are two examples:

Muslim Book 042, Number 7135 Mohammed: “A tribe of Jews disappeared. I do not know what became of them, but I think they mutated and became rats. Have you noticed that a rat won’t drink camel’s milk, but it will drink goat’s milk?”

Muslim Book 041, Number 6985: Mohammed: The last hour will not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews. The Muslims would kill them, until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree. The stone or a tree would say: Muslim, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him. The tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.

What was the result of all of this hatred? Mohammed killed, enslaved, tortured, exiled, robbed and raped all of the Jews of Medina and then went a hundred miles away and attacked and destroyed the Jews of Khaybar. After he had taken their wealth, tortured the Jewish leader to death, and laid out the jihadic rules of rape for women, he made the Jews of Khaybar a new type of half-human-the dhimmi. The Jews of Khaybar became semi-slaves of Islam. They could keep their Jewish culture in the home and synagogue, but they had to pay a 50% tax and live under Islamic rule without civil rights. Finally, when Mohammed lay on his deathbed, he exiled all Jews and Christians from Arabia. There are Jews still in Germany today, but Arabia is Judenrein and has been for 1400 years.

And what do Jews, Jewish leaders and Jewish organizations say about the Arabian Holocaust? They deny it absolutely and categorically. They even deny that the subject of the Arabian Holocaust even exists.

Examine the case of the survival of Israel. Since so many liberal Jews deny the existence of the Arabian Holocaust and the Islamic Jew doctrine, they are incapable of answering the question: Who is the enemy of Israel? Jews cannot connect the dots from Mumbai to Israel and how Kashmir and Israel are the same struggle.

The Jews and Israel are losing the propaganda war. Modern wars are won in the propaganda arena, not with guns and bombs. It is the media that determines who is the victor, not the dead body counts. This started in Vietnam and has been true ever since.

Islam knows how to fight a propaganda war. The Holocaust has become the propaganda tool of victory in the hands of Islam. Islam mocks the Holocaust and turns it on Israel, saying that Israel is the Nazi state.

The Muslims of Gaza know that their war is an extension of the Arabian Holocaust and refer to it in their propaganda. Mohammed’s destruction of the Jews is their ideal and goal. They see Israel as Khaybar. They know that one day the Jews of Israel will be their dhimmi servants again and so they chant: Khaybar, Khaybar. Oh, you Jews! The army of Mohammed is here for you.

Since Jews refuse to recognize their enemy, Islam, they can never defeat them. When given the choice of acknowledging the Arabian Holocaust (and the Jew hatred doctrine) and saving Israel, far too many Jews choose denial. Jewish/Israeli propaganda is weak and only operates in the defensive mode. They do not have an offensive propaganda campaign, because they do not have a doctrine to base it on, nor are they clear on who the real enemy is.The Islamic propaganda war will destroy Israel’s allies in Europe and the US. When American support of Israel goes, there goes Israel.

READ ON ! (at . . .about how many American Jews–prominent ones at that–are dhimmis (half-humans to Moslems) and apologists for Islam . . . AND how . . .

The ACLU [and its Jews] is CAIR’s (Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Hamas front) best friend.

Also, you owe it to yourelf as a Jew, to learn how CAIR* promotes the Islamic agenda of Mohammed’s Jew-Hatred

Consider how Jews play into the hands of Moslem propaganda when . . .

Rabbis love to bring in the Somali warlord immigrant or the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood member to the synagogue to tell the Jews about the real Islam. So too many Jewish intellectuals bring harm both to Israel and America because of their deliberate ignorance about both the doctrine and history of political Islam.

One more bit by the incomparable Bill Warner at politicalislam.combefore I turn you loose to read the whole thing:

Again, we have a parallel between the Christian and the Jew. The majority of Christians cannot name the enemy of Christianity and Jews cannot identify the enemy of Judaism and Israel.

–Bill Warner