Munich: Sheikh Abu Adam, his 10 children and three wives receive welfare benefits…

Hasta la vista, Salafista!

Sheikh Abu Adam runs the Darul Quran Mosque in Munich.

Plotting the demise of the infidels who feed him. Pure evil.

He dislikes the term Salafi and said he’s simply a Muslim.  (Erick Stakelbeck)

German authorities believe he’s much more than that. He holds sharia courts in his mosque and supports jihad, which he denies.  They’ve visited his mosque to investigate.

In an exclusive interview in his Munich apartment, the sheikh showed CBN News government documents that he said identify him as a radical Salafi and anti-Semite. He denies the charges and said he’s worked with the German government to fight extremism.

“Why are they saying that about your mosque?” CBN News asked Adam. “Why would the Bavarian government say that?”

“I don’t know,” he replied. “Myself? I don’t know. All of my students, all – I don’t have any exception – they are fighting against terrorism and they are very integrated in the society. All of them are very kind, loving people. They laugh. They communicate with all people.”

The Egyptian native said he travels to Pakistan and other hotspots to preach against terrorism and debate jihadists.

He’s been targeted with death threats and his bodyguards were present for our interview.

“I try to convince them to leave jihad, to leave radicalism, to leave bomb attacks,” he told CBN News.

Although the sheikh, his 10 children, and three wives receive welfare benefits, he told CBN News he wants to leave Bavaria.

“So you no longer have any communication with the German government?” CBN News asked.

“I’m sacrificing myself and my family and my scholars because of you and then you write that I am radicalized? I’m fighting against the terrorists,” Adam replied.

Anti-Violence Except at Home?

Yet the sheikh has engaged in violence of his own.

In 2010, he made international headlines when he was accused of brutally beating one of his wives, breaking her nose and shoulder.

He reportedly yelled Koranic verses during the attack and refused to let police enter the apartment. The wife would not press charges.

Also last year, a German television crew filmed Adam presiding over sharia courts in his mosque that operate outside of German law.

“The Salafi people, they tell the truth,” counter-jihad activist Michael Sturzenberger said. “They say, ‘We want to have Sharia law in Germany, we want to have a caliphate.'”

Sturzenberger hopes to rally Germans against this movement. He called a recent drive by a Salafi imam to place a Koran in every German home a much-needed wakeup call.

“They want to spread this message all over Germany, and they printed 300,000, and they gave it for nothing,” Sturzeberger told CBN News.

“They gave it in every city in Germany to the people, the message of Allah, and they want to Islamize Germany,” he said.

Authorities also fear the growing Salafi presence will not only make Germany an even more attractive al Qaeda target, but an exporter of terror as well.

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