Muslim yoots force young Brit to kiss their feet, shoot him 3 times with air gun for refusing…

South London police springs into action:

Father who took yob to police station for shooting his son, 12, in the head with airgun is arrested himself and kept in a cell for SEVEN hours   (Vlad Tepes)

Mr Pettman’s son Oliver said he was attacked after he was approached in Bexley’s Golden Acre Park by a group of youths, who accused him of being racist and demanded he kiss a teenager’s feet.

 ‘They said to him now you’re going to be my slave and told Oliver to kiss their feet.’

When he denied he was racist and refused to kiss the youth’s feet, he was shot three times.

Rough justice: Oliver Pettman, 12, was shot in with the head with an airgun. When his father took the yob responsible to a police station, he was arrested:  Daily Mail has the story!


13 thoughts on “Muslim yoots force young Brit to kiss their feet, shoot him 3 times with air gun for refusing…”

  1. This is outrageous! Where’s the world going? I am sick of them and the fact they constantly use the word racist for their cause! They are the racists refusing to integrate! It makes me so angry!

  2. I would rather refuse to submit and die once than submit and die every day for the rest of my life.
    This child understands that to submit is to lose the self, to see one’s hope and the energy of one’s spirit dripping away– not unlike the animals the Muslims slaughter so cruelly.
    There is no difference between the Muslim approach to the non-Muslim and Halal slaughter.
    They are equivalent in their causes, actions, and effects.

  3. Non-white people are racists.
    All of them.
    The self-righteousness of “the rest” toward “the West” is sickening.

  4. Sheikh

    Are you sure the perps were Muslims and not Blacks?

    Quote from the DM: The group also falsely accused Oliver of being racist. When Oliver denied he was racist, one of the thugs shot him three times with an airgun. Mr Pettman said: ‘They said to him now you’re going to be my slave and told Oliver to kiss their feet.’ When Oliver refused, they left him alone.

  5. I want the names of the police who arrested the father, and I want the names of the muslim turds. Please inform us ofo their namjes.

  6. this is a lie i was there im one of the muslim boy we were playing as friends with each other and this bright orange PLASTIC BBGUN not air gun the boy was fine not hurt. then the dad went crazy got a hack saw and tried to kill me he got away with it. we did not meen to harm him. ID RATHER BE A YOB AS HE SAID THAN BE A SYCHOPATH!

  7. He took me in his car after coming looking for me stangling me and trying to hit me with a saw i got in because i was scared , he then stoped the car lit a ciggarette and started saying he knows where my school is hell run over all my friends after school and me and hes goin to run through my dad and butcher my mother his exact words he then put the saw up to my neck and said kiss my feet i then said it wasnt me who said that in this moment i thought i was going t die his son oliver and his daughter stopped him from doing it otherwise instead of eid there would have been a mayat for me , i was the only muslim there yet these predudace people blame islam and muslims brothers and sister. That is there excuse for most things on the news nowhere days do not blind yourself from the truth just because the media say so im saying wallahi with my hands on the quran im telling the truth!! inshallah allah shall guide you to the truth!

  8. no we never asked him to kiss our shoe we were all friends playing in the park the father exagerated it all to cover up the fact that he tried to kill me.

  9. please i beg you beleive me!! he is getting all this publicity because hes rich he goes on radio station and talks to them but because of my bail when i call up the radio station they wont put me on live hes rich so he can get it put in the paper the media is like a cinema they sell someone who can afford it what they want to see!!!

  10. @anonymous

    What was the name of the radio station?

    WTF are you doing with a BB gun in a park?

    Air Gun/BB gun who cares either one stings like a bitch when hit by a pellet.

    I think you are a wind up.

  11. @anonymous, how old are you? Shouldn’t you be in the masjid renewing your shahadah and offering prayers? Practicing with an air rifle should be done away from others who aren’t learning how to shoot. I dunno what else to tell you man. Sounds like a mess.

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