Our Peace Partner Mahmoud Abbas Wants a Judenrein Jerusalem

He  even hates his own:

‘Pals who live in refugee camps will not be considered citizens of the state….’

‘The city will forever be Arabic, Islamic and Christian

(FrontPage) One simply has to watch the words of the leaders in the Middle East to understand why there won’t be peace anytime soon.

“Jerusalem is a Muslim and Christian city, and there will be neither peace nor security until the Israeli occupation, settlements, and settlers leave the city,” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Tuesday. “Jerusalem’s identity is Arab, and the city’s and Christian holy sites must be protected from Israeli threats.” He added that Israeli excavation work in Jerusalem and in the Western Wall tunnels beneath the mosque “will not undermine the fact that the city will forever be Arabic, Islamic and Christian.” Abbas concluded that “there will be no peace or stability before our beloved city and eternal capital is liberated from occupation and settlement.”–Read the full story ›

The Jews respond by being nice:

Bob Carr’s handiwork:

Australian FM tells Tehran delegates to leave in event of anti-Semitic rhetoric

Country’s Jewish leadership remains unhappy that Australia sending representatives to Non-Aligned Movement conference. Bob Carr defended Australia’s decision to send Australia’s ambassador to the United Nations and the prime ministerial special envoy, but instructed them Thursday to walk out if there’s any “anti-Semitic rhetoric.”

But why send anyone at all when you know that ‘anti-Semitic rhetoric’ is the mullah’s diet?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may have retriggered the internal ‘Palestinian’ rivalry between Hamas and Fatah by issuing an invitation to the Non-Aligned Movement summit to Hamas ‘President’ Ismail Haniyeh. The attendance of ‘moderate‘ ‘Palestinian‘ PresidentMahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen at the summit is contingent upon him being the sole ‘Palestinian’ representative.

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