Sergio Redegalli is getting the message out

Counter-jihad artist Sergio Redegalli’s latest murals and sculpture

Sergio Redegalli is the formidable Australian artist whose original “Say No to Burqas” mural is regularly defaced by Leftists and Islamic supremacists who would have us believe that standing up for women’s rights is “bigotry” and “racism.” Every time they deface it, Sergio repaints it — with intriguing variations. Two of the latest are above.

Meanwhile, here is one of Sergio’s latest sculptures, the second glass artwork in his Aisha series. (See the first here.) This one is called “Aisha within the cage.” It is 320mm high, cast crystal, hand polished, lead work. The top half of the figure can rotate 360 degrees.

Take a look at Sergio’s latest sculpture, the third in his Aisha trilogy: “Aisha Half the Value of a Man”:

Hey, that didn’t take long:

Sergio Redegalli’s “Say No to Burqas” mural defaced yet again

2 thoughts on “Sergio Redegalli is getting the message out”

  1. Has anyone seen the video taken at the Q society meeting (I think in Melbourne recently) where Sergio gave an illustrated speech about his campaign? Since seeing this, I think that Sergio is one of our real heros. I have lost the link to the video, it’s worth chasing up.

  2. great work Sergio keep it up a lot of people will get the message sooner or later. better sooner

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