Spain's 'political refugees'

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Muslims arrested in Spain wanted to attack Gibraltar shopping center during Olympics

“Yalcin is also said to have asked his paragliding instructor for aerial photographs of a Gibraltar shopping mall ‘whatever the cost’. He said it was for works that his construction firm, for whom he had worked for several years, was about to embark on.” But actually it was for his destruction firm.

“Al Qaeda trio arrested in Spain ‘wanted to attack busy Gibraltar shopping centre from the air during the Olympics,'” by Lee Moran for the Daily Mail, August 6 (thanks to JW):

Jihad trio arrested in Spain, caught “in possession of explosives and …

As reported by GoV previously, three Al Qaeda terrorists were arrested in Spain last week. One of them is Turkish, and the other two are from the Caucasus.  The Gibraltar Connection–GOV

Al Qaeda’s Political Refugees in Spain

The latest reports on the alleged Al Qaeda terrorists arrested in Spain tell us, among other things, that two of them planned to apply for — surprise! — political asylum in their adopted country.

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 Jihad on Ham Sandwiches:


Muslim Plunder Raid on Spanish Coast

 Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe
Not long ago I wrote about the book “Holy War and Human Bondage” which described centuries of Muslim corsair raids on the coast of Christendom all around the Mediterranean. The Muslim raiders would turn up by surprise at night and plunder everything they could, enslaving the locals and stripping the churches of their artefacts and ornaments.Now, it seems, the era of the corsair raids has returned.

Four immigrants who arrived in a boat on the 2nd on the coasts of Cabo de Palos together with eight other persons have been detained by the Cartagena National Police for their alleged participation in various crimes against the public weal.

According to information from within the organisation contained in a press release, at 11:15 yesterday the police station received various calls telling them that three persons had just stolen a bag from a woman in the street Canales de Cartagena.

With the description of the presumed thieves and police deployment was organised in this city’s commercial district and within a few minutes the presumed perpetrators of the crime had been found. After offering forceful resistance, they were arrested and moved to the police stations where, after being inspected, they were found to have a GPS and a compass. as well as the objects that had been stolen.

Later, at 12:45 the police station again received various calls indicating that in Salitre street a 70-year-old woman had had her bag snatched, pulling her to the ground, and that striking her on the head had left a gash wound on the left eyebrow, which was bleeding profusely.

On this occasion, too, the alleged attacked was tracked down inside a public car park in Real street. On seeing himself surprised he launched blows against the police officers who, finally, managed to arrest him for his presumed participation in the crime of robbery with violence.

Once the police checks had been carried out, in which the detained persons, as well as being undocumented, gave different accounts of what country they had come from, the investigators concluded that all had come from a boat that had arrived recently in the region’s coasts, which had disembarked on the 2nd and was detected by the coastal radar system but not found by agents of the coast guard.

Source: H/T: Maria José

Neither the story nor the police press release say anything about the men being Muslims or what their country of origin was. However, looking at the geography of Cartagena, I think it’s safe to say they weren’t coming from Italy or France.

UPDATE: They’re confirmed as Algerian.