Sydney, Australia: Islamic School Defrauds Government, Gets Found Out

Muslims  are victims of Australian largesse and do-gooderism:

As reported by Australia’s ABC by Christina McIntosh/The Iconoclast

“Islamic School Ordered to Repay $9 Million Funding”

You know they never will.

Piccoli says there will not be a penalty. “The penalty of returning the funds is a substantial penalty…”

Australian polit-props are such spineless wankers. Garret adds some midnight oil: couldn’t find anything wrong with the conduct….”

Sometimes you wanna cry, but then you find out that they have stolen your tears……

‘An Islamic school in Sydney’s south-west has been ordered to pay back $9 milliion in New South Wales public funds.

Education Minister Adrian Piccoli wrote to the Malek Fahd Islamic School in Greenacre yesterday advising the funds must be repaid.

Click on the link for the video here:

‘Mr Piccoli says the order follows a Federal Government audit requested after concerns about the financial arrangements between the school and the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.

‘He says the school has been operating against not-for-profit guidelines since 2010, but it can keep its doors open.

“The school can operate provided it can prove it is operating not-for-profit”, Mr Piccoli said.

I hope the Federal and the NSW State Governments have been and are deploying the best forensic accountants and auditors they can find; for Islam has fraud, deception and lying down to a fine art. – CM

“For any period that it operated for profit or is deemed to have operated for profit any funds given to it, any taxpayer funds, given to it will be recovered by the New South Wales Government.

‘Federal Education Minister Peter Garrett says he also received a letter from Mr Piccoli yesterday, and that documents will be referred to the NSW Police Force and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Hmmmm.  – CM

‘Mr Garrett says the school has not breached federal guidelines, but there are concerns about some governance issues.

“I’ve asked them to write to me on those matters.  They have written to me, I’m now taking advice from the department”, Mr Garrett said.

I wouldn’t hold my breath.

‘The school’s principal, Intaj Ali, has been unavailable for comment.

Go and arrest him, what are you waiting for? His consent?

‘The school, which opened in 1989, has about 2,000 boys and girls enrolled across its primary and high school classes’.

Fraud seems to follow Islamic schools around.  Here’s another case, from Western Australia, in 2010.

‘Islamic School Founder Jailed For Fraud’.  “The founder of an Islamic school in Perth will have to serve more than 2 years behind bars for fraudulently obtaining thousands of dollars in government grants.”

Only thousands…oh dear, he must have been a rank amateur compared to the folks running the Malek Fahd Islamic School in NSW.

BS. He stole a cool 1.25 million. (sheik)

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  1. There should be no government funding what so ever for any muslim schools period. They can all go to hell as they like telling us to do.Muscums I detest them all

  2. This is an outrage and of course everyone is too scared to spread this story and reveal to the world what scum the muslims are. The money actually was to be used for disability amenities in the school but instead the whole lot went to the islamic shithole society of australia and they used those funds to open more islamic schools!! THATS RIGHT!! Can you imagine if another christian school did this? the media would be on it and crucifying them in a second, but because they are muslim everyone wants to sweep it under the rug.

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