Syria: Sunni "rebels" hang 4-year old shiite boy after murdering his whole family

Syrian Sunni ‘insurgents’ Hang Four Years Old Shiite Boy  (thanks to PI)

Damascus:  The Swiss-magazine reports that a four-year-old boy had to witness  how his mother, father, sisters, brothers and grandparents were murdered.

After that he was kicked and punched and publicly hanged in the district of Zainab in Damascus.

Iraqi human rights activists, who are the source of this news item,  are saying that a “rebel group” stormed the house of the Shiite Iraqi family, which is a clear indication that religious motivation  drives this extreme violence.

Also a clear indication about the beliefs of these rebels. And a clear indication that  genocide of all non-Sunnis their goal. The human rights group sent this report along with photos. The photo that showed the editors had to be deleted:
Because of many protests and threats to  us, we have removed  the image of the hanged boy  because of its cruelty  Overall, there are 8 photos, the boy without pants hanging from a wall, close-up images of  his battered and smashed face and worse. Please understand that we do not want to  publish these photos any longer.  They are so terrible that they make grown men weep.

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  1. Islam, a compassion free ideology. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more repulsive, it makes you sick to the stomach!
    Islam is the one true evil.

  2. Should I be shocked? The news tonight on SBS: Britain will be helping to fund the “rebels” in Syria. These “rebels” include members of Al Qaida, which Britain is supposedly fighting against in Afghanistan – along with the US, which is also helping fund Al Qaida in Syria. How long before Australia abandons and betrays its dying soldiers to also help Al Qaida in Syria?
    It’s not fashionable to be shocked… but BLOODY HELL! This is an outrage beyond belief!!!

  3. To think our politicians are letting these monsters into our countries without checking. This will be the West very soon.

  4. Our so called righteous Governments make me sick to the stomach. They’re no better than the merciless butchering arseholes that inhabit the World today.

    To the UK Government, I hope you rot in hell you filthy bastards.

  5. Everyday I see an islamic outrage,figuring …well that’s it that has got to be the worst and next day… Bamm! they top it!
    A curse upon the the ignorants who let this plague into the west.

  6. I sent this photograph to many news outlets here in the Uk and the Us because of its utter barbarity and evil towards a little child. So far no response except from Dove World – the Koran burning pastor ‘s church, who is not afraid to speak out against islam, despite all those who ridicule him. At least he practises what he preaches. We need more brave people such as he.

  7. What is telling is the screaming silence of the muslims that blog these pages. These “people” are scum, and the measure of respect that one can hold for muslims decreases daily simply through what they themselves do.

  8. They raped him before they killed him and his family. These sons of bitches. Our World ist so sick. They should burn in hell for this…

  9. Animals.

    And yes, we are better then these cowardly bastards.

    Yep, you Muslim POS are real men raping and murdering a defensless child. Religion of Peace my arse.

  10. Ironside

    It is the US which is leading the war against Syria, just as it has attacked every country that is/was a threat to Saudi Arabia. The UK is merely following.

    Syria is the last refuge in the ME for hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians. If the Obama and the West get their way, where will they go?

  11. After 9/11, I thought that the US would turn against Islam. But the reverse has happened. In any conflict involving Muslims, particularly Sunni Muslims, the US can be relied on to side with Sunnis -that is, obey Saudi wishes.

  12. And now this

    U.S. and Turkey weigh no-fly zones for Syria

    No Fly Zones – this was the prelude to attack Gaddafi’s forces. However, this time round, Russia and China will not stand for it.

    The day after protesters in Aleppo chanted “Arm us with antiaircraft weapons,” American officials said the United States remained concerned about providing weapons or air support because it could draw a violent response, not just from Syria, but also from Russia, Iran and other allies of Mr. Assad’s that have strongly opposed direct foreign intervention to topple the government.

  13. It is sad to see comments about muslims, even though I am not 1.
    These are terrorist groups, such as Al Kaida and financed by nato powers (US)…
    So I think that we should look at ourselves before throwing comments around about muslims!
    We are the ones that can make a difference. Ask Obama, Merkel and crew why???

  14. As far as I know majority of the Muslims are against the FSA only the puppet Media and those who fall for the propaganda are supporting the FSA. They see them as crooks. Syria is another Libya where majority of people are against the violent revolution but the West does not care, regime change at any cost including the Salvador option.

    And those who attack Muslims, funny how it is that the biggest voice for the FSA and AL-CIAda are the Judeo/Christian/Pagan West. The Judo/Christian (and by default implies polytheism) West rules the world through Hook or (mainly) Crook. They are the rules of tyrannical vassals in the Middles East while at the same time crying crocodile tears about the suffering of others. Just like some of the predominantly fraud commentators above.

    The leading instigators of depopulation, DU, Nuclear warfare, GMO, Chemical warfare and mass destruction of human life, human DNA, greed capitalism, terrorism and sponsors of terrorism are the so called western Judo/Christian fascists. They are unto Caesar and just like the Roman empire before them are just as pagan. The most ruthless and hypocritical empire that has ever existed is Western one. Is easy to pick and choose and demonise others if you are being selective.

    As to the FSA, if they are slaughtered then no tears from me. They choose this path of destruction.

    Odd Al-CIAda seem to spread its ugly head according to Western geopolitical plans.

    1. Hold your horses, free Muslim!

      The ‘Arab Spring’ and the overthrow of non-overtly hostile dictators in the ME was engineered by Barack Hussein Obama, who is in the service of the Saudis.

      The media in the west is complicit, which is the biggest reason why this vile marxist muslim got away with his deceit for so long.

      People in the west do not support the so-called ‘rebels’ in Syria.

      As far as we are concerned, go ahead and smoke them to your hearts delight!

  15. There is a special place in Hell for people who murder children and I am sure there is a especially large area just for Muslims.

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