The Genocidal Lunacy of Lauren Booth

Remember: this is Tony BLiar’s sister in law.  (thanks to BCF)

This broad is dumber than a ton of bricks and determined to prove it every day of her miserable life.

Lauren Booth spoke at the Ar-Raham Mosque in Fontana, CA, 7/20/2012, and spewed so much hatred no one would believe it if it wasn’t on film – Nobody from the Mosque was the least bit fazed or embarrassed.

Lauren Booth’s hate speech lies were spread out among the Jews, Israelis, Americans, Christians, and Zionists. The Muslim Americans at the Mosque loved the message. Watch the video and come to your own conclusions.

The United West exposes what many Islamists say, inside their Mosques, when they think no one is watching. We do it by walking in the front door. We are always polite and respectful of our hosts while attending open to the public events – like this one.

Prime Minister Tony Blair’s sister in law, Lauren Booth, exposes her hatred of Israel, Jews, and Christians.

Lauren Booth calls our President a murderer.

Lauren Booth calls the USA a corrupted government under the control of Zionists.

Ms. Booth has the freedom of speech to articulate her hateful rhetoric and The United West will defend her right to speak her vile rhetoric.

The United West also has the freedom and obligation to expose and counter this hate speech against the USA and Israel by Lauren Booth and The Muslim Legal Fund of America.

This is a long video but our objective was to take you with us on a journey inside a Mosque. The length of video will not allow our adversaries to say that we edited the video to make Ms. Booth & Mr. Meek look bad.

Both these individuals have two messages. One message for Muslim audiences and another message for Non-Muslim audiences.

The United West took you inside a Mosque to see the rhetoric not intended for the Non-Muslim community.

16 thoughts on “The Genocidal Lunacy of Lauren Booth”

  1. The interviewer was really restrained. How does anyone get so brainwashed? Even she acknowledged that he was polite and she was rude..SCARY.

  2. This madwoman is herself a crazy woman, and she kept apologizing for her rudeness.
    She is really very ignorant, arrongant , a fool and needs to libe in Syria, Egypt, or other Arab country and try and drive a car, and go out to a restaurant without a male escort.
    We will see who has the racist policies. She can yap all she wants in a democracy. Try it in Syria or Iran.

  3. Think! she says……then points to her eyes, the woman is as mad as a box of frogs,and shes learned a new language! she can say inshalla! and as far as kahlil goes,the meek shall definitely not inherit the earth!

  4. I fear this type of repugnancy will increase. Look at the attention she is getting from her new “friends” and from dhimmis and from horrified observers like us.
    Western people have been told to be humble and contrite and accept invasion for quite some time now. The arrogance of the invaders will attract many, and the conversions will escalate.
    Sorry to be so gloomy. But it will get a lot worse before it gets better. Even ordinary, halfway-human Muslims are going to get a big shock when they see what they have facilitated.

  5. @josiefay,

    Booth is a failure and a coward in life and has decided to hide behind a religion to cover up for her failures and short comings.

    She used to serialize her failed life and marriage in one of the British Sunday papers (I think the DM) when she was living the dream in France.

    Feel sorry for her daughters and hope they are with her Ex.

  6. She needs to repeat her education. Study the Koran, the old & new testament, the history of Mohamed, before making a statements to all & sundry. Is she trying to cover the stupid reason for her conversion?Maybe Tony Blair or his wife can throw some light on this subject.

  7. this stupid should know that the biggest murderer in the history was her beloved Mohamed who created this evil religion called Islam!!!

  8. Just another crazy mohammedan twat. Typical islamozombie. Muzzies are boringly predictable …

  9. When she was filmed in Gaza, standing in a grocery store, stacked with ‘whatever” she complained that Gazans are straving as there is no food.
    This mad woman should be put in an asylum, together with her Jew hating sisiter.
    Take Tony Blair with them.

  10. What a well educated moron this person is!! After seeing her photo in a well filled Gaza shop complaining about starving Palestinians, and the pictures of a new shopping mall in Gaza when complaining about Israeli roadblocks, she has the blind stupidity to call other nations names and accuse others of exactly what her friends in Hamas are doing! To me, this is amazing. But then, I am only a simple person who can read, see and think for myself.

  11. I find it difficult to express in words my disgust at the worthless meat-sack that is Lauren Booth. My only wish for her is that she travels to Afghanistan, dons a burqa and never again opens her mouth to let the faeces out. I’ve met dribbling morons who I would rather listen to than Lauren Booth.

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