The White Rose (Weiße Rose) Resurrected

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Its rare to get a more eloquent speaker on such an important subject than Marc Doll. Sheik yer’mami is honored to call Marc Doll a fried and a brother in arms in the counter jihad:

Rembrandt Clancy sends along a translation of the following: The White Rose (Weiße Rose) Resurrected: Marc Doll – “National Socialism, a Movement of the Left”

The following video and excerpts are from Politically Incorrect. They announce the resurrection of the new White Rose exactly on 20 July, “…the 68th anniversary of the Stauffenberg assassination attempt on Hitler”. The contributors, Mark Doll and Michael Stürzenberger, are both members of DIE FREIHEIT, a civil liberties party (Bürgerrechtspartei) in Germany which advocates direct democracy. Marc Doll, who is the speaker in the video below, is also Federal Vice Chairman and founding member of the party. Michael Stürzenberger is also a regular staff writer for Politically Incorrect. Their description of the founding of the new White Rose is translated from the German:

“The White rose, as is well known, was a resistance movement in the Third Reich. From 1942, at the risk of death, it stood for a free, and what most people do not know, a patriotic Germany. Unfortunately these courageous people would have been necessary at least ten years earlier in order to awaken the citizens and avoid a catastrophe. But this mistake ought not to occur again.”


(By Marc Doll & Michael Stürzenberger)

“For under the cloak of anti-fascism the thought structures and behaviours [of the Third Reich] are openly revealed again today. What earlier was the brown SA, is today the black Block. They practiced, and practice once again violence against anyone who is categorised by them as a political opponent. They strove, and strive again to eliminate the free-democratic, fundamental order so as to replace it with a socialist dictatorship. They disseminate open terror against their fellow man and their country.

Ignored almost completely or even trivialised by the media, courted by some politicians and supported by the state with taxes in order to proceed against dissidents, left-wing extremists constitute at the state-level today one of the major dangers for democracy and the constitutional state. At the individual level they are the major criminal elements opposed to freedom of speech and bodily integrity. It is no wonder that in the current report on the defence of the constitution (Verfassungsschutzbericht), next to the warning against the Salafists, an increase in violent acts by left-wing extremists of over 25% is registered.”

In evidence for this last statistic Doll and Stürzenberger provide a link to ‘Welt Online’ which provides a summary of the above mentioned official report, the relevant part of which reads as follows:

“In the Left spectrum there were 8687 criminal acts (last year 6898), an increase of 25.9%. In spite of these numbers Friedrich [the CDU Interior Minister] sees in radical Islam the greatest danger for domestic security – and the greatest challenge for the future head of the Domestic Intelligence Agency (Verfassungsschutzchef), Hans-Georg Maaßen.”

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  1. One of the reasons why I am so passionately pro-Israel and pro-Jewish is that, as a German, my only alibi that I would not have been a Nazi too is that I was born after that. But I hope that, had I lived then, I would have joined The White Rose. So, now I have the chance to do just that. So, thank you Sheik for this information.

    Incidentally, the link above does not seem to work. But one can find the video (in German) via PI.

  2. A very short version of my post that disappeared:

    Thanks a lot for this information. I hope that, had I lived during that period, I would have had the courage to join the White Rose. Now, thanks to your information, I get a chance to do just that.

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