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Pakistan proposes international Islamic meeting on suicide bombing

By Yasir Rehman

“We are deeply concerned that very often terrorism is associated with our noble religion,” she said. “We need to pool our resources to eradicate this malice from our lands.”–More on the malice at Central Asia Online

 Nothing to do with the noble religion…..  
 Egypt goes global:

… The Muslim Brotherhood isn’t just aiming to impose Shariah law in Egypt, it is seeking Islamic global domination and ruling out coexistence with other faiths. …  Story at The Algemeiner


“Smashing barriers”
Last year Premier Kristina Keneally and Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell have both  admired the discipline involved in Ramadan  and promised their government would fully oppose a move to ban the wearing of the burka.

“Ramadan is a particularly exciting period in Lakemba and Greenacre – all the restaurants are open late, and often until just before the break of dawn, to cater to the early morning meal after which no food or water is taken throughout the day. There is a real festival spirit in the air.   —(The occasional drive-by shooting or knife fight can add to the local colour)

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