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The muslim poster mhajden posts from Egypt; which he denies. He also denies the holocaust, among other things. He is a fierce defender of Islam,  and here he answers to a post from ‘Ironside’:
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“Do you honestly think with all the advertised threats of anhiliation we’re going to sit back and wait for another holocaust?”

There was no first Holocaust so you set back and wait for another..it is just a lie invented by Jews to blackmail Europeans and the world in fact this is the biggest extortion process in the history of mankind, they even invented a term for people who don’t believe this lie(anti-Semitic) ,Arabs are more Semitic than Jews..how can they be anti-themselves? The balance of power is shifting pal, and Israel will no longer be the only nuclear power in the region..Iran will possess nuclear power soon followed by Egypt..and when this happens,let us see where the dirty Zionists are going to hide, the different between a Muslim with nuclear bomb and a Jew or American with nuclear bob is that the Muslim is not afraid of using it even if it is going to destroy him first as long as it takes the dirty enemies of god with him.

But not enough; mhajden tops it off with this:

The nuclear bomb that is going to wipe off Israel is going to be the biggest suicide bomb in the history, again the difference between Muslims and the dirty Zionist is that Muslims are not afraid of retaliation or death, the whole Muslim nation is willing to die for the holy Alaqsa, Muslims don’t give a dime about this life because they know there is a better one after, this is the fact that makes Jews infidels and Americans pee in their pants if a Muslim is only trying to light a cigarette.

I have a haunting suspicion that ‘mhajden’  does not represent a ‘tiny minority of excremists’, but the majority of muslims in  Egypt; which is now ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood.  This is the predominant view, and this is why Israel has every right to do everything and anything within its power to eliminate the threat.

And here’s where Egypt is going:

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  1. Never ceases to amaze me the only thing that mhajden
    and his co-excremists have is hate, no love for art, music, life etc just plain HATE.

    Wow to think it only took a few words to break this tards facade down, LOL, don’t worry Hajjy if it’s death you and your coward lot love then that’s what you’ll get.

    But know one thing YOU’LL NEVER GET THE TEMPLE MOUNT… LOL. When it goes bang we’ll take the whole lot back.

    Does it burn you 4 times you’ve tried to take Israel. Four times you’ve been defeated? does it? feel the burn baby.

  2. I hope you passed this along. The IP address is in Egypt but “network sharing is detected” God Bless. Great website

  3. Egypt is an over populated dump..and almost bankrupt but hey , they don’t care about this life..How crazy…. why be in this life if you have no care for it?

  4. Does it burn you 4 times you’ve tried to take Israel. Four times you’ve been defeated? does it? feel the burn baby. hahahahaa

    Exactly mhajden everytime you have tried something you have had your fat hairy asses handed back to you this will never change, mhajden did some of your family die in those failed wars and thats why your angry? hahahahaha

  5. Does it burn you 4 times you’ve tried to take Israel. Four times you’ve been defeated? does it? feel the burn baby, hahahaha

    Exactly right mhajden your an absolute muppett every time you idiots have tried something you have had your asses handed back to you that will not stop happening, i think you might be a little angry because i think some of your family would have been killed in those failed wars, am i correct?

  6. Western nations should deport all muzzie asslifters to the Middle East, evacuate the “infidels” from there and then nuke the entire region.

  7. Agreed nuclear shaman. And when that happens, we will be on the right road towards peace in this world. All,muzzies should depart forthwith to any muslim country. We should not allow any travel to western countries of any Muslim, then we can start to enjoy travel again,. These idiots must be laughing at us as we disrobe through security particularly as their women keep their heads covered whilst we have to remove or hats. The world is upside down, but never fear, we will not allow these vile Muslims to destroy us nor our way of life. Begone all of you muzzles, we don’t want you in our world.

  8. Thanks Sheik..I did read about them having to import so much of their food..but more trouble there will mean more refugees for the two top refugee countries..Aussie and NZ..So many foreigners telling us what to do..Always telling us to take more refugees..We are starting to get African crime..as you have had for a long time..Egyptian Christians say the whole refugee process from Egypt is a fraud.

  9. Egypt? Well, that goes to explain alot.

    Oh, what fun! Muslim revisionist history to entertain us with.

    “There was no first Holocaust so you set back and wait for another..it is just a lie invented by Jews.”

    The problem you have with this silly and weak argument, Is you have failed to explain how large numbers of non jews from over a dozen European countries all ended up in German Concentration Camps with the Jews and had the same experiences as the Jews.

    How do we know this? Because not only do we have first hand accounts from non Jewish European survivors, but the Germans were proficient in documenting and archiving their own heinous acts on the non-Jews too.

    So, mhajden, you can deny it all you want, but the primary data is just too vast and seen by too many people to go along with your delusions. Along with the voices of the non-Jewish survivors.

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