11 years later, Rage Boy terrifies everyone…..


Iranian “students”  burnt the US flag in front of the Swiss embassy in Tehran – which hosts the US interests section in Iran – to condemn a blasphemous movie against Islam.

Iranian protesters carry anti-Israel signs at their rally today. The latest rumor is that 100 Jews helped pay for a crappy film about Mohammad. (Fars)

The Iranian regime held a massive anti-American protest today in Tehran. They torched the US flag and blamed Jews for an anti-Mohammad film.   Fars News reported.

Video from Libya: ‘Don’t Shoot us! We were sent by [Egypt President] Mursi’

More proof the September 11th terror attacks on US embassies in Libya and Cairo were coordinated between the two sharia governments Obama worked to install.

Video from Libya: ‘Don’t Shoot us! We were sent by Mursi’ September 13, 2012, Shoebat 

Indonesian muslims praise 9/11 jihadists

Muslims across the world were dancing when the towers came down, so this is hardly surprising.

“Indonesia militants praise 9/11hijackers” International News

Protests Rage in Bangladesh: “We won’t accept mocking of Prophet Mohammed” and “Down with American imperialism”

.. burnt the United States’ flag and chanted slogans … hit the flag with shoes before setting it ablaze in front of the Baitul Mokarram Mosque, Bangladesh’s biggest mosque.

Chanting “God is Greater”, “We won’t accept mocking of Prophet Mohammed” and “Down with American imperialism”..

“100 Protest in Bangladesh over Anti-Islam Film” AFP, September 13, 2012 (Pamela Geller)

Islamic Protests Rageboy  in Yemen: One Dead

Islamic radicals headbangers chanting “Death to America!” stormed the US Embassy in Sanaa today.
They stormed the building and torched vehicles.

Global jihad: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Bangladesh and …..

“Protester killed outside US embassy in Yemen” Rappler,

Obama works to surrender our freedom in wake of 911 Jihadist attacks on America: White House spokesman endorses “efforts” to ensure that “all faiths” are “respected”  

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  1. I’m hoping they all die in their hatred and drop dead of heart attacks from all the excitement and ‘fun’ they are having, douse themselves accidentally in gasoline trying to burn flags and buildings down, misfire their weapons on each other and every and all kinds of mishaps befall them all!

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