Germany: opposing jihad might cause more jihad…..

Caving in is so much easier:  “Lets not inflame the situation.”

The country is being run into the ground by phoney “Christian Democrats” headed by former Stasi operative ‘Erika’.

Germany postpones posters aimed at countering jihad for fear they will incite more jihad

So what are they supposed to do? Not fight jihad, because fighting jihad will only lead to more jihad? Apparently they have decided to stay quiet and hope they will be OK. “Germany postpones posters aimed at countering radical Islam,” by Chris Cottrell forReuters, September 20 (thanks to JW):

Germany’s Interior Ministry has postponed at the last minute a poster campaign advertising a hotline aimed at countering radical Islam because of fears it could have incited violence by extremists….The posters had been due to go up in German cities with large immigrant populations from Friday. They were aimed at those who suspected that a friend or family member might be drifting towards radical Islam.

we’re afraid”

“With everything that is going on right now, we’re afraid that it wouldn’t take much to trigger more religiously motivated violence,” an interior ministry spokesman said.

“We’re talking specifically about fanatic individuals who could use events they perceive as being Islamophobic as an opportunity to take action.” The spokesman said the ministry had no reason to believe such an attack was imminent.

Protesters angered by the California-made film stormed the German embassy in Sudan on Friday and Berlin withdrew some staff.

Sudan had criticized Germany for allowing a protest last month by far-right activists carrying caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad and also for giving an award to a Danish cartoonist whose depiction of the Prophet in 2005 sparked global protests.


Some Muslim groups had criticized the planned poster campaign because they said it stigmatized them….


Of course.

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