Allen West: Obama is a 'Complete & Utter Failure'

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Allen West: America Gets What it Deserves if it Re-Elects President Obama

” … complete and utter failure.”– Read More »

Did Michelle Obama Sneak a Debunked Theory  Lie About Hussein’s Mother Into His DNC Intro?Read More »– Of course she did.

Out of Iran

Canada Declares Iran A State Sponsor Of Terror, Closes Embassy, Expels Iranian Diplomats, Cites “Racist Anti-Semitic Rhetoric”…

“Jews” Control Canada

Tony Burman in The Starzeera….

“Although his swearing-in at Rideau Hall must have happened in the dead of night, Canada appears to have a new foreign minister. His name is Benjamin Netanyahu. His day job may be prime minister of Israel, but Canada’s abrupt actions against Iran seem to confirm that the Harper government’s outsourcing of Canada’s Middle East policy to Jerusalem is now complete.

There is little else to conclude from Canada’s unwise decision to move unilaterally on Iran at this moment.

Iran Is A Clear Threat To Canadians