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‘Terrorists R’Us’

Obama Administration won’t call jihad murder of U.S. ambassador a terror attack

The Moonbat Messiah springs into action:

President Barack Obama rushed 50 Marines to Libya to safeguard American personnel and critical facilities there, and ordered a worldwide review of security at diplomatic posts.

Fifty Marines against thousands of Muslim savages armed to the teeth? It’s one thing to die for your country. It’s another to die because your country is run by fools and/or traitors. (Suicide Mission)

“I guess we’ll never know what motivated them.”

Just like those wonderful Afghan ‘soldiers’ and ‘rogue policemen’ who shoot our soldiers in the back in Afghanistan.

University of Pennsylvania prof calls for arrest of Muhammad filmmaker

First Amendment Death Watch Update: USA Today joins the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and others in calling for restrictions on the freedom of speech. They either don’t realize or don’t care that they’re cutting their own throat. “Opposing view: Why Sam Bacile deserves arrest,” by Anthea Butler in USA Today

Marines Guarding Embassy in Egypt Not Permitted to Carry Live Ammo

Only after having read Dangerous Diplomacy — which documents the moonbattery with which the State Department is rotten to the very core — could I believe this

Now who would question the wisdom of relying on rabidly anti-American Islamic terrorists to ensure American security? Certainly no one in the administration that helped them to power.   Meanwhile, Americans are getting killed by mobs of Muslim savages, after reportedly being subjected to homosexual rape.  (Moonbattery)

We  don’t call them useful idiots for nothing.

Experts see a more sinister motive than an obscure movie:

Its not about a silly movie: experts claim real reason for U.S. embassy attacks is much more sinister; like a concerted effort to get rid of our G-d given freedom of speech and expression. (More)

The Obama supported ‘Arab Spring’ is in full swing:

Muslim rioting, violence in Israel, Gaza, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, Iraq, Iran and Kashmir

The film is just a pretext. This is an all-out push to intimidate the West into restricting speech so that Islam and Muslims are established as a privileged class beyond criticism. “Violent protests erupt at embassies as U.S. seeks killers,” by Josh Levs and Tricia Escobedo for CNN, September 13 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

Islamists claim their bloody siege of the U.S. Embassies in Cairo and Benghazi on the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 attacks was catalyzed by an “anti-Islam” movie

  • Experts say the real reason for the onslaught was not a movie mocking Islam, but part of a concerted “ten year plan” to make slandering Islam unlawful on an international scale
  • U.S. administration’s hair-trigger reaction was to first apologize for offending Islam, rather than meet fire with fire over the act of war on U.S. soil
  • A contingent of the Islamists waging the attacks were the very “rebels” America aided in the Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt and Libya  (More)
Our ‘old friend’ Omid Safi, the slime:

1) This is not an issue of Freedom of Speech vs. religious sensitivity.

… In reality, pieces like the “Innocence of Muslims” so-called film are best classified as “hate speech”, as they seem to be of the same genre as anti-Semitic films of the 1930’s or Birth of the Nation KKK movies. … Omid Safi – Sep 12, 2012

Why Mosques Should Be Shut Down

… Muslims have successfully turned our freedoms into a tool of Islam, nation building didn’t work out the way President Bush thought it would, and “moderate” Muslims are not coming to the rescue. … (Logans Warning via mullah)

Clinton Blasts Anti-Islam Vid Blamed for Mideast Unrest: ‘Disgusting and Reprehensible’

“A deeply cynical purpose: to denigrate a great religion and to provoke rage.”–Read More »

“America is too great to have enemies–“ or something….

Obama Speaks Out on Egypt: ‘I Don’t Think That We Would Consider Them an Ally, But We Don‘t Consider Them an Enemy’—Comments »

Islamists claim that the catalyst for both the attacks in Cairo and Benghazi were based on the release of an obscure American film critical of Islam.

White House Backtracks on Obama‘s Egypt Is Not an ’Ally’ Comment: A ‘Longstanding & Close Partner’—“‘Ally’ is a legal term of art.”—Comments »

 Clown Questions

MSNBC Panelist Asks: ‘Who Is More Dangerous…The Supreme Leader in Tehran or Bibi Netanyahu?’     “That was a clown question, bro.”– Read More »

MSNBC Panel Actually Debates if DOJ Should Prosecute Anti-Islam Pastor Terry Jones for Libya Deaths

These people are insane.

“It might be time for the Department of Justice to start viewing his role as an accessory before or after the fact”– Comments »

Presidential Candidate Issues Statement on Libya & Cairo Attacks…and It’s Not Romney or Obama

” … get our people out … and immediately stop sending money to regimes who clearly cannot or will not control their own countries.”–Comments »

Its an Obama world:

Report: Marines Guarding U.S. Embassy in Cairo Were Barred From Carrying Live Ammo

“Neutralized any U.S. military capability.”–Read More »

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  1. Marines in America are infiltrated by foreigners and druggies. If they want to blame a girl, then they all look stupid including her.

  2. Just like those wonderful Afghan ‘soldiers’ and ‘rogue policemen’ who shoot our soldiers in the back in Afghanistan.

    Very soon these same Afghan soldiers will be in the UK, drawing their Benefit.

    Muslims are parasites of the worst sort.

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