“Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency is graffiti on the walls of American history.”

El-Rushbo had the degrading farce formerly known as Hope & Change nicely summed up back in November 2010:

“Obama’s presidency is graffiti on the walls of American history.”– (Moonbattery)

Hannity Rips Obama’s Foreign Policy: ‘They’re Protecting the Perpetrators of Terror, the Murderers of Americans’

“President Obama and his administration continue to operate from a position of weakness.”–Read More »

The Obama Administration Can’t Believe Muslims Think What They Think

As Its Middle East Policy Crumbles, The Obama Administration’s Defense: It’s Not a Revolution, It’s a Video- by Barry Rubin So now we have the answer of the “best and the brightest” expressed in the most explicit terms …Read More…

CNN Posts entire interview with Pamela Geller and Erin Burnett (Pamela Geller)

Erin Burnett is a psycho. Check her out, here.

…and jihad is “inner struggle”.

CNN’s Erin Burnett cut Pamela’s interview short when she began to discuss Hamas-CAIR and its co-conspirator status in the largest terrorist funding trial in our nation’s history. Pamela secretly recorded the whole interview and posted it along with the video today. It went viral.

In response, CNN has released the whole video on youtube. Good. But it’s certainly not the same thing as airing it. Check out this comment:


Another al Reuters dhimmi gets smacked down:

“Ads criticizing ‘Jihad’ bound for New York City subway stations” by Edith Honan, Reuters, Wed, Sep 19

NEW YORK (Reuters) – As Muslim countries reverberate with fierce protests over a film mocking the Prophet Mohammad, an ad equating Islamic jihad with savagery is due to appear next week in 10 New York City subway stations despite transit officials’ efforts to block it.

“The Prophet Mohammad? Apparently Edith Honan is a Muslim.

Wapo Weighs in on AFDI Free Speech lawsuit against DC Transit Authority

“This is an important First Amendment issue,” said Robert Muise, senior counsel for the law center. “The government can’t pick and choose what messages they will allow or not. Even a momentary loss of constitutional freedoms is a irreparable harm.”

Doesn’t mean they stop trying:

Sharia Blasphemy Laws in New York: Hamas-CAIR Issues Action Alert to Pressure Bloomberg and MTA to Censor AFDI Pro-Israel Ads

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  1. Do not be so sure that Obama will be defeated, because there is every indication that the people backing him will cheat.. I am reasonably sure that obama and his minions will try and pressure people into voting for him – be aware of stand-over tactics in polling booths etc, but very very careful to check that the vote count is not manipulated.

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