Bob Carr, the Muttawa & the United Nations

Told ya he is a worthless tosser and a loon.

This imbecile would hand over control to the muttawa, the Islamic religious police to watch over us:

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But just when you thought it could’nt get any worse, he tops it off:

Bob Carr at the UN:  fawning and cringing

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s bid for a seat on the UN Security Council had a lot to do with ego, Bob Carr has said.

Andrew Bolt—SEPTEMBER 26 2012

Bob Carr can’t be serious.

It’s now the role of Government to fund the preaching of Islam and the venting of Muslim resentment?


Opposition former affairs spokesman Julie Bishop is right - the government has prostituted our foreign policy principles to buy the bauble of a temporary seat on the UN Security Council: 

For example, there has been a perceptible weakening of Australia’s longstanding support for Israel in votes at the UN General Assembly, in a play for support from the Arab League nations.

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By “Australia” does Carr mean “KRudd” and “Gillard”?

Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr denies misleading Australians on the nation’s chances of securing a position on the United Nations Security Council.

Whose ego drove Australia’s bid for a UN Security Council seat? A country does not have ego. People do. So which people in particular is Bob Carr thinking of?

Yes, it’s about Australia’s ego,” Senator Carr said in response to a question in New York from News Limited about whether this was a motivation in a process that is now estimated to have cost well above $40 million already.

“We have a lot to be proud of, Australia has an ego, it has a sense of national pride,” he said.

FOREIGN Minister Bob Carr will take an Australian plan to curb the violent global protests sparked by an anti-Islamic video, which led to the Sydney riots last week, to a UN meeting in New York today…

The Carr plan, which seeks to fund the promotion of moderate Islamic institutes in Australia and other western nations, and fund a website for Muslims to vent their anger, has already received the backing of the French government.

I really think Carr’s intelligence is overestimated and his cheap politicking underplayed. Take this utterly bizarre attack on Tony Abbott for suggesting the Prime Minister spend less time trying to win votes from Africans and more in our region talking to the Indonesian President:

I just tell Tony Abbot he’s too fixated on the Anglosphere. We’re engaging with the world at the United Nations… Tony Abbot understands none of this. Tony Abbott sees Australia as being part of the Anglosphere, being comfortable with our friends, our long term friends the other old dominions, but not looking to the rest of the world. And if Tony Abbott became Prime Minister of Australia still talking about the Anglosphere and saying we shouldn’t be talking to the rest of the world; that we shouldn’t be moving outside our region, it would send the message that Australia had gone back to its colonial origins, we are retreating from Asia, retreating from Africa, retreating from Latin America where we’ve got terrific relationships.

A pity that no journalist at that press conference thought to ask Carr if he realised that Indonesia wasn’t actually part of “the Anglosphere” and that talking more to Indonesia was clearly not “retreating from Asia”.

True, one did wonder whether Carr hasn’t gone way, way over the top:

QUESTION: You mentioned that Tony Abbot signalled a possible return to our colonial past or words to that effect. Isn’t that over cooking it a bit, he was just sort of highlighting the need to focus on our region as a priority?

SENATOR CARR: He keeps returning to this idea of the anglo-sphere, that’s what I’m referring to the anglo-sphere. Like an infant reaching for its mother’s skirts. You’ve got to see what he said recently in the context of that longing for an old colonial relationship where Australia thinks only of its great and powerful friends.

What a ludicrous overreach. Had Abbott said such a thing, he’d be widely mocked, but Carr’s image of a man of learning somehow gives him licence to be a fool.

Take this passage from the same press conference, featuring an undignified reverse-grovel:

SENATOR CARR: I think [Egyptian] President Morsi has got a very, very difficult job….. What he’s doing, and I admire him for this, is providing more energetic leadership for Egypt than it’s had for decades.

I think he deserves to be praised for that brave speech he gave in Tehran on Syria. I think he deserves to be praised for saying he wants to be President of all Egyptians, that he heads a democratic country and a civil government. He’s the first democratically elected leader in Egyptian history. He’s the first civilian leader in memory.

QUESTION: What about his position though that there shouldn’t be a Christian as leader of Egypt and there shouldn’t be a women as a leader of Egypt?

SENATOR CARR: There are cultural differences here but I’m not commenting on the internal affairs, the internal politics of Egypt. I’m just saying that the west needs to be open to someone who’s been elected by his people in the first democratic election they have ever had…

QUESTION: How do we meet this fellow though? I mean we’ve got a female Prime Minister and a presumably Christian Prime Minister, I mean how do we engage with this fellow?

SENATOR CARR: I think you ought to reflect on what he’s actually said and done as President.

If Carr wasn’t panting for Egypt’s vote for our silly UN Security Council campaign, would he have been quite so fawning, quite so reluctant to defend Australian values?