Cyrus rubs it

Cyrus McGoldrick, spokesturd for Hamas front CAIR:

Muslim riots around the world are caused by American ‘Islamophobia’   (BNI)

In a program entitled “The Muslim American Identity,” McGoldrick said America can be more peaceful and decent if it is more Islamic.   In the same speech, McGoldrick lamented the convictions of two Muslims who worked to aid al-Qaida during an appearance at the New York Institute of Technology.

Somebody have mercy and lock this lunatic in a padded cell!

Today’s “nothing to do with Islam” contribution:

The Rochester Islamic Resource Group held a an informational open forum session Sunday. …

“The actions we are seeing, the violence the killing is not Islamic,” said a speaker. …–More faking at

Stop Apologising!

The pro-forma denunciations by politicians and media of Innocence of Muslims is a deadly surrender to the Muslim extremists using it as a pretext for riots:

It is a scandal that, with but a few exceptions, no one could utter a coherent defence of freedom of speech without first condemning the movie, disparaging its poor quality, lamenting its release or sympathising with the sense of grievance of those aggrieved while complaining about their excessive response.

Victor Davis Hanson says stop apologising: 

Apparently leaders of the Islamic world present a non-negotiable demand to the West that they be given a blank check for their governments to defame Jews, Christians, and Americans, but the United States must condemn any private individual who, quite apart from the knowledge of the U.S. government, does the same to Muslims. That is the issue.

There is no need to condemn what we don’t need to watch–Andrew Bolt

“International law” (sharia) needed to combat freedom of speech and “Islamophobia”

Yes, its the demented Turk in a suit, again:

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, secretary general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, said the U.S.-produced film denigrating the Prophet Muhammad will be at the top of the agenda of a ministerial meeting of its 57 members on the sidelines of the assembly. He said the international community needs to unite behind action to implement international law which warns against any advocacy of religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, aggression or violence.

More on the rise of blasphemous Mystery Babylon at Mohave Valley Daily News via Mullah
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