Gestapo Schultz & the "Hurt Feelings" of Koranimals

We don’t know what his daddy did in Hitlers war, but Martin Schlutz is far too chummy with the soldiers of allah for any free speechers comfort.

A parody of this Islamopandering can be found here:

Unfortunately, this progressive socialist apparatchik is the speaker of the EU parliament; where he finds himself among likeminded totalitarians like Manuel Barroso, a Maoist, and Marxist Herman van Rumpoy, a  truly progressive combination. What could go wrong?

A couple of days ago Martin Schulz, speaker of the European parliament, sat side-by-side with a couple of Arabs in front of the TV cameras. In a formal statement, he expressed his abject submission to Islamic law by declaring his solidarity with Muslims in their outrage against the Mohammed movie, and he condemned those who made it.

This act of blatant dhimmitude didn’t sit too well with his fellow Europeans, and a Dutch TV program cornered Mr. Schulz and confronted him about his illiberal behavior.

“Is This Freedom?”via Vlad Tepes

Below is an article on the same topic from RNW (Dutch public television):

Anti-Islam Film Continues to Make Waves Around the World

The speaker of the European parliament has strongly condemned the recent anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims. But he in his turn has been roundly criticised for giving in to extremists. The film continues to provoke fierce reactions in the Western as well as the Arab world.


“I condemn strongly not only the content but also the distribution of such a movie, which is humiliating the feelings of a lot of people all over the world,” said a press statement issued yesterday by Martin Schulz, the speaker of the European parliament, in reaction to the amateur video that has led to sometimes violent protests throughout the Islamic world.

Wrong side

Dutch Euro-parliamentarian Hans van Baalen is unimpressed: “Schulz should be standing up for the freedom of expression”, the centre-right MEP told a Dutch radio station.

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