"Expel the embassies of America from the lands of the Muslims."

Savages they are.

Isn’t it strange that we don’t see any rallies in the west calling for the expulsion of these savages?

Egypt’s Prime Minister: U.S. must criminalize criticism of Islam — or else

“Egypt PM says ‘number’ of US embassy rioters were paid,” from Ahram Online, via JW

And the Conroy’s of this world can’t bend over fast enough for these savages.

‘Set the Fires Blazing’: Al-Qaeda Praises Ambassador’s Killing & Calls for More Embassy Attacks

CAIRO (AP) — Al-Qaida’s branch in Yemen has praised the killing of the U.S. ambassador in Libya and called for more attacks to expel American embassies from Muslim nations.

The statement, posted Saturday on Islamic militant websites, suggested al-Qaida was trying to co-opt the wave of angry protests in the Muslim world over a film produced in the United States denigrating the Prophet Muhammad.

Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula said the killing this week of Ambassador Chris Stevens in an attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was “the best example” for those attacking embassies.

It said protesters’ aim should be to “expel the embassies of America from the lands of the Muslims” and called on protests to continue in Muslim nations “to set the fires blazing at these embassies.”

Related news:

Four American troops were killed in southern Afghanistan early Sunday after a man dressed as an Afghan police officer turned his gun on them at a remote checkpoint.

A Taliban spokesman told the AP the police who attacked the Americans were not associated with the Taliban, “but they are Afghans and they know that Americans are our enemy.”

Afghanistan National Police murder six more of their NATO “allies”

These troops are being murdered because of the dogma that Islam is a Religion of Peace and that every Muslim is “moderate” until he picks up a gun and starts shooting at you. General Allen and the rest of the high command should be put on trial for the deaths of every one of these troops.

Allen West Rips ‘Asinine, Naive, Inept, and Incompetent’ Response to Middle East Chaos

“We have emboldened our enemies and really confused our allies”–Read More »

 “Lets  celebrate, lets eat”

Two Days After Ambassador Stevens Killed, Hillary Celebrates Ramadan By Hosting Dinner Party For Libyan Ambassador

(CNS NEWS) – At an event officials say was planned before the attacks in Libya that killed four Americans on Sept. 11, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Libyan Ambassador to the U.S., Ali Aujali, celebrated the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan at the State Department on Thursday.

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