For the left, everything is negotiable

A $ 20 dollar street hooker has more principles than our leftist bitches:

Should we perhaps permit “controlled” genital mutilation, wonders an ABC host.

Should we restrict the right to attack the faith under which such things flourish, wonders the New York Times.

(Andrew Bolt)

The war on terror keeps being declared over – here is an example from August 2009. How many times will it have to be declared over before the jihadis stop plotting mayhem against the West? Even more importantly, how many times will it be declared over before Islamic supremacists stop trying to impose Sharia in the West by any means?

They will never stop, of course. And official Washington, with more of its signature wishful thinking and myopia, is legitimizing those who want to impose Sharia by peaceful means, while stigmatizing only those who are less patient and resort to violence.

TIME cover for September 2012: Relax! We won the ‘war on terror’. Nothing to worry about. Al Qaeda is at its end. Victory is here!

You gotta be a grand deluisionalist to work for the lame-stream media.