France For Sale

Global  (socialist) Utopia is just around the corner; the socialist paradise is being built, under islam,  right now.

The rich are running:

France: Criteria to obtain citizenship eased

“The army has no business policing the suburbs,” said President François Hollande.

 We need more fearless socialists.  They are so progressive and enlightened!

French minister says Islam is part of France:

 “Islam has its place in France because the Islam of France, it is a part of  France,” Interior Minister Manuel Valls said……

Pretzel logic. Embarrassing. I don’t know how these people manage to live with themselves.

From now on,  the lion sleeps with the lamb: who needs French history, culture and society tests anyway, when you got socialism and Islam already?

(ANSAmed) – PARIS, SEPTEMBER 28 – France’s government will make the criteria to obtain French citizenship more flexible by eliminating, in particular, the obligation to have a permanent contract and a general culture test imposed by the right-wing administration of former president Nikolas Sarkozy.

‘It is important to affirm the intention of a strong integration with the citizenship. We don’t fear these new French citizens who represent a strength for the republic’, Interior Minister Manuel Valls told reporters. Valls was born in Barcelona, Spain, and became a French citizen when he was 20.

The minister said the new regulations will be transmitted ‘in the next few days’ to all prefects in the country. The document, he said, in particular scraps a test on ‘French history, culture and society’ promoted by Sarkozy, although ‘the knowledge of French and the adhesion to the values’ of the republic will remain among the conditions to become citizens.—Ken from the Tundra Tabloids has more…..

Marseille is already gone:

Marseille mayor calls for army to be deployed to tackle muslim gang warfare …

The pommie journaillie in this vid is so deluded about Islam that he doesn’t dare to ask the obvious questions…..

‘France is not at war’

Well, that’s understandable. Whenever the French went to war, they got their asses kicked.

The French government has rejected a Marseille senator’s call for military intervention in the wake of a record number of gang-related killings France’s second city, characterised by widespread use of AK-47 assault rifles, the local gangsters’ weapon of choice.   The latest victim was 25-year-old Walid Marzouki, a known drug dealer. His killers fired some 30 rounds from a fully-automatic Kalashnikov at him late on Wednesday as he sat in the passenger seat of a car stopped for a red light.

Qatar to Finance French Banlieues

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

In desperation, French socialists sell out what’s left of the once ‘grande nation’

“France is indeed up for sale to oil monarchies who support radical Islam and jihadism across the world,”– Marine Le Pen, in the “The Trojan Horse of Islamism”.

Months after it was announced Qatar was financing a fund to economically reinvigorate France’s disadvantaged suburbs, the French government has said it also plans to pour cash into the project, which has already sparked much controversy.

Add to this a limp dick admission that Qatar is actually  a nasty little jihadist nest:

Over the past few months, Qatar’s role in the Arab Spring has raised eyebrows in Arab and Western diplomatic circles. Critics note that the Gulf emirate has been pushing the envelope. Qatar’s support for Islamist groups – including the Muslim Brotherhood and Libyan Islamist factions – have rung alarm bells across the international community.

So the alarm-bells wen’t off but nobody got outta bed?

Spain also has a history of making deals with the devil:

Italy:  education minister Francesco Profumo wants Islam in public schools:

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  1. Isn’t it strange that the concept of multiculturalism, which was at first observing some aspect of another culture and thinking “Well, my, my, isn’t that interesting”, became, after observing some aspect of another culture, “I now MUST adopt that aspect of that culture into MY personal life and MY culture AND accept the people AND their behavior, no matter how vile and destructive to my life and my culture, with a smile on my face or, at worst, defeated silence, or be reviled and punished”. HTF did that happen?!

  2. There is no multi, there is only mono.

    All lands occupied by the soldiers of allah have one depressing monoculture, which is Islam.

    Exceptions merely confirm the rule. Islam doesn’t tolerate ‘the other’.

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