Nonie Darwish: "Wherever Islam goes, there's going to be a demand for sharia law…"

The basis for all dealings with Mohammedans must be reciprocity:

We’ll allow a Coptic president when Israel allows a Muslim one: Salafist leader
And visa versa. No more mosques in the west until we have churches and synagogues in Mecca. No more Mohammedan immigration until Christians and Jews enjoy full rights in lands occupied by the soldiers of allah.
Yasser Burhami, an outspoken Salafist leader, denies right of Coptic Christians to hold high political office in Egypt; calls for government to monitor women’s attire and force tourists to abide by Islamic law.
 These are the rules. Now, why should we in the west allow Mohammedans to infiltrate government positions, females to wear the freedom sack, child marriages, polygamy, FGM and Islamic mores that are repugnant, revolting and criminal?


 Here comes that “we are just like Jews” claptrap again:

“We are no less than Jews who defend their religion,” Egypt minister

Minister of Endowment Talaat Afify said Muslims are no less than “Jews” who, when insulted, “get up in arms and accuse insulatorsof anti-Semitism,” referring to a recent anti-Islam film and offensive cartoons of the Prophet Mohamed.

Exactly when was the last time that Jews firebombed embassies and killed ambassadors?

 We do not support violence against women, but…..

 We do not support violence against women, but God  allah allowed a certain form of beating, said Borhamy, arguing that in Islam the husband is permitted to beat his wife as long as no physical damage or scar would result.

Nonie Darwish: “Wherever Islam goes, there’s going to be a demand for sharia law…”

“Wherever Islam goes and … becomes a strong minority, there’s going to be a demand for sharia law,” she asserts. “If they don’t get it, they’re going to have a separatist movement, and I’m predicting England will have a Chechnya maybe in 10, 20 years. France will have a Chechnya. I hope this will never happen to America.”

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  1. ” If they don’t get it, they’re going to have a separatist movement, and I’m predicting England will have a Chechnya maybe in 10, 20 years. France will have a Chechnya. I hope this will never happen to America.” ”

    It will be in half that time or less if we don’t wake up. See link. Percentage of Muslims in America is 0.8% (.08).

    Herein lies the problem. If at 0.8%, Muslims are so vocal, powerful and influential, what the hell is this country going to be when they’re 8.0% of the population? I mean, damn, you’d think they’re already 80% of the population by the attention they get and the constant stream of bullsh*t we hear from them. We should be able to utterly ignore them and consider them irrelevant at that percentage, but such is not the case. Let’s begin to deal with this reality in whatever way we can.

  2. Nonie has this only half right..the real deal is that wherever sharia finance inserts itself there is the start of the caliphate. Think, he who has the purse strings or rocks the cradle. In this case the cradle they are rocking isn’t the cradle of civilization for they are trying their damndest to decivilize peoples all over the planet. No Nonie, it is the money honey..and here we see their devious, stealth plan that has been underway for quite some time..and is under the noses of americans and europeans, all of them who are too blind to see the nose of the camel all ready under the tent..that nose smells our blood, or at the very least our money, our homes/goods, and our very lives.

    Ck this out and weep, for sharia finance no longer has a nose under the tent, it has a load of camel shiittee already mucking up/smelling up the entire financial our biggest banksters..and to aiding and abetting any guy who wants to play terrorist..if this isn’t scary, don’t know what is…and it pays to kill our very own sons…

    Love and marriage, love and marriage, so goes the song, but here we find that sharia finance is always wed to sharia law until death do we part…for sure you can take that to the bank..’til death you do depart.

    “what could be sinister about investing your money according to your values? The legendary investor Sir John Templeton famously avoided tobacco and other “sin”…..and so it sounds all so lily white, no?..

    So why shouldn’t Muslims do the same? Because Sharia law goes well beyond avoiding sin stocks, says Kevin Freeman, who used to work for Templeton. Freeman wrote a 2009 study on economic terrorism for the Department of Defense. A key conclusion of the study: “One of the requirements of Sharia law is to fund jihad. So these funds are helping to kill American soldiers.”

    But proving that, or determining exactly how much money is in Sharia compliant finance (SCF), is difficult due to a lack of transparency. Freeman’s study estimated SCF funds at about $800 billion in 2008. More recent estimates put the total at $1.2 trillion—50 percent growth in less than four years. In addition, several Muslim countries invest government funds in compliance with Sharia law—in part to pacify radical jihadists. Freeman estimates this “sovereign wealth” investment in SCF could top $4 trillion. “That’s 25 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product,” he said. “All invested at the whim of jihadist Sharia scholars.”

    American’s better wake the f up by november or we will be seeing all our soldiers killed, our girls wearing body bags or being placed in one as the rapers/murderers pillage their way across the country in pursuit of bringing back the neanderthal age…only caves they will be finding here are probably in the Ozarks..hopefully the rednecks there will give them a run for their money, not sharia finance of course. It is most obvious to me that we have a bunch of ignoramuses in congress or a massive bunch of traitors in both govt and our major banks to allow all this nefarious sharia finance in portfolios..can you say Timmy Geithner, Henry Paulson, and other assorted creeps in DC?
    If these guys are knowing what they are doing by holding sharia crap then they are basically traitors to their own country.

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