"Free Speech Overvalued"

Self-censorship enforced:

Sacramento: Popular radio hosts absent from show after calling for “anti-Muhammad ads”

Is KSTE self-enforcing Sharia? Certainly that is the way the wind is blowing these days. “Armstrong & Getty absent from Sacramento live radio amid controversy over Muslims,” by Cynthia Hubert for the Sacramento Bee, September 26:

Popular talk radio show hosts Armstrong & Getty were absent from Clear Channel’s live programming Tuesday amid controversy around one of the hosts’ on-air comments about Muslims.

Dumber than dirt: “Free Speech Overvalued”

Leftist imbeciles should never be allowed to hold the reigns of power. Never.

Slaves choosing slavery: Slate says that U.S. overvalues free speech

The Leftist media commits suicide, calling for an end to the First Amendment and surrender to Islamic supremacism — as I wrote about here. And these would-be dhimmi slaves want to take us down with them.

We  must act like yellow-bellied little shiites, otherwise Mustards will never like us:

“The World Doesn’t Love the First Amendment: The vile anti-Muslim video shows that the U.S. overvalues free speech,” by Eric Posner at Slate, September 25

Paki headbanger accuses Obama of religious war on Muslims

If only!

(Reuters) – One of Pakistan’s most feared Islamists accused President Barack Obama on Wednesday of starting a religious war against Muslims over his handling of a video that mocked the Prophet Mohammad.

Hafiz Saeed, accused by India of masterminding the 2008 attack by Pakistani gunmen on India’s financial capital Mumbai, said Obama should have ordered steps to remove the film from the Internet instead of defending freedom of expression in America.

“Obama’s statements have caused a religious war,” Saeed told Reuters in an interview. “This is a very sensitive issue. This is not going to be resolved soon.

Iran’s Judiciary Chief: U.S. Constitution is “law of barbarism”

Because it allows for the freedom of speech. Let’s hope that Larijani still has reason to be upset about this in three or four years, and that the First Amendment hasn’t been effectively gutted so as to fight the government- and media-designated forces of “hate.” “Judiciary Chief Describes US Constitution as Law of Barbarism,” from the Fars News Agency, September 26

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi at UN, calls for restrictions on free speech

Freedom of expression must come with “responsibility” — i.e. it must be restricted in accord with Sharia. “Egypt’s new President Morsi debuts at UN,” from AP, September 26

Criticism of Islam Equals “Hate”

Paki president asks UN to ban “hate material” against Muhammad

Destroy free speech and criminalize criticism of Islam is the Muslim theme at this session of the General Assembly. “Pakistani President blames the West,” from DW, September 26

You too, Yudhoyono?

Indonesian President at UN calls for legally binding Sharia blasphemy law criminalizing criticism of Islam

Or else. “Yudhoyono touts blasphemy ban at UN,” by Bagus BT Saragih for The Jakarta Post, September 26

“Dublin Muslims”

The organisers intended the demonstration to be silent, but chants of “USA, you must pay!” and “There is no God but Allah!” started almost immediately after the march got under way.

More fake rage in support of legalized slavery & pedophilia, mixed with USAphobia, at Irish Times


3 thoughts on “"Free Speech Overvalued"”

  1. “Leftist imbeciles should never be allowed to hold the reigns of power. Never.”

    That is why liberalism is mental disorder. Proven historically.

    -backed and supported tyrants. (Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot,Chavez, etc.)
    -backed and supported slavery. (American South/Islamic/Gender)
    -backed and supported segregation. (American South)
    -backed and supported A sexual predator president. (Clinton)
    -backed and supported Murderous anti-gay Regime (Iran)
    -backed and supported limitations and end to Free Speech.
    -Back and support the end of any form of speech or group that is contrary to their own world view.
    -So called liberal Feminist our hypocritically silent on sex trafficing/FGM/HonourKillings/Domestic Violence of Non-Western
    -Silent on the vast racist views and violence from Blacks and Muslims. (and other minorities.)

    …I am sure there is more.

  2. If it weren’t for oil, no one would even have heard of Islam.

    Still unbelievable that anyone pays attention to these freaks, let alone engages with them and apologizes for slighting their lunatic 7th century death-cult.

    1. They are 1.5 billion, they are willing to kill and die for their ‘religion’ and they are using our liberal laws to destroy us.

      What are you prepared to do for what you believe?

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