Gillard dons brown lipstick too, declares blasphemy "unacceptable"

Criminal insanity. The Gillard goose and her  gang of incompetent moochers have done enough damage. Its time to pull the plug.

From Julia Gillard’s speech to the UN today:

Denigration of religious beliefs is never acceptable.

No? Since when?

What exactly does the Prime Minister mean? That no religious belief, no matter how crazy or offensive others find it, should be mocked, attacked or even criticised?

This kowtowing to Muslim absolutism is not just dangerous but anti-intellectual.

In other news:

They’ve run through today’s money, so the Government now wants to spend tomorrow’s retirement savings as well:

One more thing:

Our progressive Labor dimbulbs keep throwing taxpayers money at the problem. What would you do?

VIOLENT young Muslim men who took part in the Sydney riot two weeks ago could step up to become the next terrorists if they fall under the wrong influences, a senior Australian Federal Police officer says.—The troubling 23 per cent

The answer is no

It is ludicrous that an amateurish YouTube video has become an excuse for an intolerant faith to threaten the West’s most precious freedom:

The annual United Nations General Assembly meeting, which is intended to celebrate the world’s common values, this year is exposing instead the gulf between Western and Islamic perspectives on freedom of expression.

Prompted by the anti-Muslim video produced in the US that has stirred riots around the world, delegations from Muslim nations have arrived at the UN prepared to demand international curbs on speech or media that they believe defames their religion or the prophet Muhammad.

Western leaders say they will not give ground on free speech, but the clash is souring the mood at a gathering that diplomats had hoped would yield new collaboration on Syria, the dispute over Iran’s nuclear development and the challenges newly elected governments face a year after the Arab Spring toppled authoritarian rulers.

The demand for limits on anti-Islamic expression is coming from leading Islamic groups such as the Organisation for Islamic Co-operation, and leaders as diverse as the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Egyptian President, Mohammed Mursi, and the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

6 thoughts on “Gillard dons brown lipstick too, declares blasphemy "unacceptable"”

  1. Gillibrand said, “Denigration of religious beliefs is never acceptable.”

    Translation: Questioning/challenging/mocking one specific religious belief is not acceptable. All other religions fall under the category of free speech.

    RE: Gillard needs your retirement funds for her future.

    Looting from the worlds Producers to buy the votes of the Moochers and paying for their ideological pet projects at the expense of someone else’s future.

  2. Heard the Libyan president and others in that part of the world
    proclaim today that no video is responsible for the riots and uprisings. That in fact, it was all pre planned to coincide with 9/11. Makes perfect sense to me, as anyone would know that there are 100’s of videos and articles out there mocking a goofball religion. It isn’t like any video was the first..fact is, video or no, what they planned is what you got…and no video caused any of it.

  3. Denigration of ones beliefs. Australian Indigenous people believe That Mother Earth is a part of their beliefs . Look how we rape , pillage and plunder their beliefs ? We are trampling all over their beliefs . ???? Fracking our Mother Earth. Poisoning the water systems. Elders walk miles to protest , but Juliar just gets the cops ??? I really think she has some nerve to say these things , infront of the whole world . But negletes the Indigenous peoples of Australia and degrades thier beliefs .? Its just so two faced ?

  4. @kezzabell Snowdon.

    Well look at this way. Of the two groups, Australian Indigenous people vs. Muslim savages, who is more likely to give her some money?

  5. Gillibrand said, “Denigration of religious beliefs is never acceptable.”

    Translation: Questioning/challenging/mocking one specific religious belief is not acceptable. All other religions fall under the category of free speech.

    Well, Gillibrand , PROMOTION and WHITEWASHING of religious beliefs by a government is never acceptable either..who gave YOU the right as our elected representative of the Australian people, of whom 99.98% are NON muslim, to spend OUR taxpayers $$$ on printing pro islam propaganda , off our government presses, for the Education Department, flooding the nations schools with dishonest propaganda shilling for Islam…are you doing this with other religions? well, hell no! cos its the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.. Islam is the never to be challenged privileged religion of choice for the government to protect, lie for, a drny our rights to freedom of speech…just try it Madam, and you will see such a public backlash, and Islam along with it! cant waut for the next elections, people

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