Good news: $1.6 billion annual aid to Egypt not in jeopardy

Obama Regime Sides With Raging Koranimals

Incredibly, even as our embassies burn, the liberals controlling our government side with the Muslim mobs who have already murdered an American ambassador.

Rather than explain why the so-called “President” has been fundraising in Las Vegas rather than attempting to deal with this crisis, White House spokesturd Jay Carney regurgitates enemy propaganda by blaming it on a movie. We are for all intents and purposes ruled by our worst enemies:  Obama Regime Sides With Muslim Mobs  (Moonbattery)

“I will always stand with my muslim brothers should the political wind shift in an ugly direction”-— Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama on page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.”

Why would he withhold the jiziya payments to his muslim brothers then?

“State Department official: Egypt aid not in jeopardy, though US having ‘frank’ talks,” by James Rosen for, September 14, 2012  (JW)

In other news:

Obama submits to Brotherhood, asks for suppression of anti-Islam video

Having identified the threat to American security, the Obama Regime has asked YouTube to remove the video, in an obvious violation of the liberties our government exists only to secure, and in an equally obvious attempt to placate Muslims by acceding to their demands — that is, to reward them for burning our embassies and killing our citizens. Our dhimmi rulers have even released the identity of the filmmaker, facilitating the inevitable Muslim attempts on his life, and sicced the FBI on him.

Oh the irony! Anti-dhimmitude at Google?

 Google rejects Obama’s request to pull Muhammad video clip

Free speech 1, Obama’s Sharia enforcement 0.

These demonstrations have been orchestrated to compel the West to abandon the freedom of speech, and it is as gratifying (and surprising) to see Google stand up for freedom as it was distressing to see the President of the United States rushing to deep-six the First Amendment. “Google rejects White House request to pull Mohammad film clip,” by Gerry Shih for Reuters, September 14  via JW

A senior State Department official tells Fox News the United States’ $1.6 billion annual aid to Egypt, the large majority of which goes to the Egyptian military, is not in jeopardy of being withdrawn at this time. “We are having some very frank conversations” with the Egyptians, the aide said.The U.S. military maintains close, strong and direct contact with Egypt’s military, the official said, adding that diplomatic contact between the two nations also continues “at all levels,” up to and including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom the aide said had placed calls to top Egyptian officials in the past 72 hours.

Another senior administration official confirmed a New York Times account that President Obama did indeed place a phone call to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and discuss with him the need for Egypt to take adequate steps to protect U.S. personnel in the country. Obama additionally asked Morsi to make a public statement — and the U.S. president is “greatly appreciative” that Morsi did so, the official said….


Yes, all is well now.