Hijabillary: 'how could this happen?'

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: is she really that dumb or is acting stoopid her career?

How could this happen? How could this happen in a country we helped liberate, in a city we helped save from destruction?

How could it happen in Jordan, the land of the plucky little king and his drop-dead gorgeous American educated wifey  who received billions of U.S. largesse,  including being able to do Islamic da’awa on the Oprah show?

How could it happen in Kuwait, for which America blew billions dollars, men and materiel:  (AFP) — About 500 demonstrators gathered yesterday near the US embassy in Kuwait waving a black Al-Qaeda flag in protest of a film mocking Islam.

 Under Siege: Latest on Anti-U.S. Chaos 

How naive was the Obama Administration?

Not naive at all. Malevolent as a bunch of progressive subversives can be. Malignant as a progressive tumour can be.

The ugly truth about Islam is that Muslim violence is not some force that is released only in response to provocations, it’s a cynical and voluntary abuse that Muslims have complete control over. Going Dhimmi accomplishes nothing except to reward the killers.NatPo Editorial–“Don’t Let Murderers Define Islam”— Desperately wishing there was another kind of Islam, one that allows us to coexist…..?

Obama Regime Was Warned in Advance of Embassy Attacks but Did Nothing

As more information comes to light regarding the recent attacks on Americans by Islamic savages, people have got to be asking, who the hell is running our government?  (Moonbattery)

Did Hussein Obama deliberately choose NOT to beef up embassy security on 9/11, even though the U.S. had intelligence that warned of the coming attacks in Egypt and Libya on that day?

Do sanctimonious RINO fools like John McCain still believe the multiple close connections between the Secretary of State’s inseparable top advisorHuma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood should be off limits to discussion?  Read it all: Obama Regime Was Warned 

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  1. Let’s face it- the entire Obama administration is a ship full of fools. Stop apologizing already !!!

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