If we continue like this, Australia will surely go down and under……

MORE than 50 Australia-bound asylum seekers from Sri Lanka have refused to leave their boat after it was found stranded off Indonesia’s Sumatra island a week ago, officials say.   –More standover antics at Adelaide Now via Mullah

That’s before breakfast. Now its lunchtime:

Almost 100 suspected asylum seekers have been found on board a boat at Cocos Islands…. The boat is the fourth suspected asylum seeker vessel to enter Australian waters in the past week.

Boats undaunted

That’s around 300 boat people in a week. The Budget allowed for 450 a month.

Not Mysoginy: Goose-o-phobia!

Mild abuse of Julia Gillard? A Fairfax headline:

Both sexes are to blame for misogynist vitriol against Gillard

Vicious abuse of Gina Rinehart? A Fairfax headline:    Facebook page takes aim at Rinehart

Why are they here?


Mustard rally against  “oppressions of muslims” by Ethiopian Gov’t

Why must Melbourne commuters pay for the importation of African politics? And why no arrests?

Demonstrators marched onto Swanston Street about 3pm, blocking cars and trams from crossing Princes Bridge for more than an hour. Around 70 protesters remained into the night but police made no arrests.

The”arts” of Islam: Conflict resolution through the arts

… Helen Summers is founding Director of the Interfaith Centre of Melbourne, and since it began in 2000 she has been the driving force behind many large community arts events. …

Swannie, you suck!

Treasurer Wayne Swan: “The question for Tony Abbott today is does he agree with Gina Rinehart that Aussies are lazy workers who drink and socialise too much?”  – So what did Gina Rinehart say?  Twisting Rinehart’s word to damn them

Can we have an adult debate about Rinehart?Shock! No mention of slashing wages and conditions. No mention of importing “coloured labor”.

She wants children to work in coal mines and pay imported negroes $ 2 dollars an hour, just like Republicans want to ‘put you all back in chains’ and  stop women from voting.

Libtards are insane, they are not to be taken seriously and they should never, never be allowed to hold the reigns of power, anywhere.

One more thingy:

There will be   solar fraud, just much more of it. I’m calling bull, so does Bolt…..

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  1. Simplest solution – sink the boats.. no captain will be taxi’ing asylum-seethers if it also means it’s his boat’s last voyage..

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