India: Education Causes Terrorism

“Young, educated Indians,  the new face of terror…”— Just don’t mention Islam…..

Jihadists plotted to attack Indian nuclear plants

Hoping to bring death and mayhem on a huge scale, to please their bloodthirsty god. More on this story. “Terrorists Plotted to Attack Indian Nuke Plants,” by Chana Ya’ar for Israel National News, September 2 (JW)

Hindus become refugees in their own land:

Protest Against Jihad at Indian Consulate in New York, Sunday, Sept 2   (Atlas Shrugs)

See the result yourself .  350,000 Kashmiri were driven out 20+ years ago overnight and they are still living in camps.  As mini-pakistan’s rise in India, this is the fate that is of non-Muslims.

350,000 Kashmiri Hindus in camps even after 25 years.  Is there any country where their citizens are living as refugees in squalid camps raising generations of children?  Is this not what North East and eventually many parts of India going to be as Muslims population grows?   What is Indian Govt doing, supporting the very perpetrators who are doing this for vote banks.