Is Australia an Islamic country already?

Australia’s dhimmified media and the Islamopandering Red-Green rabble that swindled  the electorate to to gain political control in Australia can’t bend over enough to show their submission to Islam. The hype and the hysteria behind this anti-Wilders propaganda  is supposed to make you think Wilders is causing all the jihad in the world and the soldiers of allah must be be protected from this evil man.

Note  the journaillie also suggests that Wilders is making things up,  like ‘he said Muhammad was a pedophile, he is insulting muslims’ blah blah…. All it takes is 5 minutes to study the texts of Koran, sira and hadith, which are freely available.   But somehow it never seems to occur to these scribblers that Koranimals  around the world do take this stuff seriously and pointing it out does not a crime make:

Vlad Tepes:

If the cowardly creeps who caused this mess deny Geert a visa, it will signal surrender to the most vile, the most illiberal, the most anti feminist and anti equality forces in the world. It will be a genuine modern tragedy. One that Shakespear could not have written about. Becuase he himself would be silenced by fatwa or death.

See what we’re up against:

Australia. Little muslim girls demanding jihad so that in future, they won’t get to speak out at all.–(SDMATT uploads this news video:)

In other news:

Retrial granted for Afghan “refugee” who killed his wife after complaining she was “too Australian”—Herald Sun


  •  Muslim rioters leave courtOnce again, Australia’s judiciary and the polite-clowns who are in charge  (but not responsible)  have abdicated their responsibility, they have failed in their duty to protect and failed to uphold the law.


3 thoughts on “Is Australia an Islamic country already?”

  1. So our cowardly government,bends in half to muslim thugs and intimadators. This government is letting these modern day NATZIES have their way and bugger everyone else. GUTLESS GUTLESS GUTLESS PRICKS. Grow some balls and show some god damm leadership. If we end up in a civil war situation we can look back and blame these spineless pricks for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of aussies. GOD HELP US ALL.

  2. Oh great- the nincompoops in nightdresses in charge of everything? And I thought the Gillard government was bad…..

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