OMG: Muslims are (the real) victims!

As long as we resist Islamic demands we cause muslims to kill and die  to make allah’s religion supreme,  therefore its all our fault:

Protests trigger threats against Islamic Society

Dr Waleed Alkhazrajy, the President of the Islamic Society of South Australia, told 7News the society had this week received threatening messages and emails.

More attacks on free speech and the false prophet movie at Yahoo! 7News/ September 18, 2012  (Mullah)
These hijabbed dimbulbs in the picture below may be just a few days older than Aisha, but their genocidal hatred of unbelievers, in this case the Christian Copts, is an in-your-face declaration of what awaits non-muslims if the soldiers of allah ever gain the upper hand:
Genocidal indoctrination and denial:

‘Behead’ sign mum hands herself in as Muslim leaders call for calm after protests—Koranimal claims he had been told the boy may have found the sign on the street and was “caught up in the hype” during the demonstrations.

“Does a child really understand what’s written on that placard?” Mr Dandan said.

That child will understand if it is raised by such barbarians, it will become a killer zombie. Mr Dandan is a despicable, lying swine.

‘Behead’ sign mum hands herself in as Muslim leaders call for calm after protests— knowing full well that none of our liberal justice monkey’s has the balls to lock her up for incitement, that could cause ‘backlash’….

Police Goes Mustard Hunting
You wish.  One can’t  be too sure about it, these days. It could ‘inflame the situation’…. News report here thanks to Gary.

Speaking from his prison cell, firebrand bucktooth  Bashir called for the closure of the US embassy in Jakarta, which was briefly besieged by petrol-bomb-throwing protesters  on Monday

Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) protestors burns a poster of a US flag as hundreds gather for anti US protests at the Bunderan Hotel Indonesia traffic circle in Central Jakarta, Indonesia.–Read more

Kill Terry Jones!

Egypt Issues Arrest Warrant for Pastor Terry Jones Over Anti-Islam YouTube Vid:  “Harming national unity, insulting and publicly attacking Islam, and spreading false information”–Read More »

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  1. Those pretty young girls the media has long ago decided are the “face of Islam” to be promoted…so we all adore Islam…well, look at them now! A nasty little bunch of savages if I ever saw them!

  2. they dont look sweet at all! tey look like the evil little thickies that they are!
    ave a look at the tammimi bitch sweetly describing the jew death count on fakestinian tv

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