Islam in Japan

Japan is not immune. There are major efforts to Islamize the sons of the Samurai.

Islam is Encroaching on Japan?

…the native converted Japanese are of a particularly aggressive strain, they see in Islam a facsimile of the Bushido, the samurai blind obedience essence which somehow appeals to the tribal instinct of this genre of Japanese youths. IMHO, I think these Islamized Japanese pose a danger in that they may succeed in starting a sort of wildfire conversion rage among the disenchanted or disaffected Japanese population. Japan is a rather tribal society behind all that facade of modernity, Shinto and Buddhism will still prevail, but as some sociologist once said, you only need a small % ..2 or 3 % ? of a society who are aggressive and determined to change the the society either into something good or something evil.–Citizen Warrior has more


“In Islam I kill you if you touch my wife”— fortunately, Japan is not ‘in Islam’, not yet.

The Rise of Islam in Japan(1/2)

The creep from Egypt claims he has Japanese citizenship, which is obviously a lie. It applies to his children, because of his Japanese wife. But the Japanese are not known to hand out citizenship like confetti like they do in the west.

Making converts in the Land of the Rising Sun

The second video shows Kōzō Okamoto, hijacker & member of the Japanese Red Army as a proud convert to Islam.

Creating a muselmanic history:

The first Japanese to go on the Hajj was Kotaro Yamaoka. He converted to Islam in 1909 in Bombay, after coming into contact with Russian-born writer, AbdürreÅŸid Ä°brahim, whereupon he took the name Omar Yamaoka. Both were traveling with the support of nationalistic Japanese groups like the Black Dragon Society (KokuryÅ«kai), Yamaoka in fact had been with the intelligence service in Manchuria since the Russo-Japanese war. His official reason for travelling was to seek the Sultan’s approval for building a mosque in Tokyo (completed 1938). This approval, granted 1910, was necessary as Abdülhamid II considered himself, as Khalifah and Ameerul Mu’mineen (the leader of all Muslims).

There is ShÅ«mei ÅŒkawa, who declared insanity during the Tokyo war crimes trials. I can’t find any documentation about him converting to Islam, but hey, who wouldn’t be proud of an insane war criminal being Muslim?

  Hitoshi Igarashi, the Japanese translator of Salman Rushdi’s  book,  The Satanic Verses, was murdered by a fellow Muslim, according to Khomeini’s fartwa. The killer was never found.

There are other earlier converts like Wakabashi Kyuman and Suzuki Tsuyomi of whom next to nothing is known, “4 agents of Showa Tenno” who they claim have converted, and some others. If you or any of our readers have more info please sent it in.

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  1. Jesus H. Christ…Like Invasion Of The Body Snatchers…Islam Murder Inc. is everywhere. If the Japanese join the jihad trend as they are wont to join trends and to the ninth degree, God help us all. I know. My wife being Japanese. No, really. Colonel Neville,

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