Its Friday! Friday is kuthba day!

The “tiny minority of excremists” does what it does best:

Thirteen people died in riots across Pakistan when thousands of protesters mad muselmaniacs used a national holiday to stage demonstrations against a film  no one has seen. denigrating the Prophet Mohammed.Telegraph:


Shouting “Allahu akbar,” Muslim mob numbering in thousands burns U.S., Israeli flags outside U.S. embassyRemember: “Islamophobia” is the real problem!

KUALA LUMPUR: About 3,000 Mustards marched on the US embassy in Malaysia on Friday, burning an American flag, over a US-made film that has sparked anger in the Islamic world.

 This dogturd came to the U.S. illegally. Now he is changing laws?

Dearborn imam calls for restriction of free speech: “They should put a law not to insult a spiritual leader”Trouble is there is no spiritualism in Islam.

He fully supports free speech, but:

Al-Husainy is a virulently antisemitic supporter of Hizballah. “Protesters to rally in Dearborn against anti-Islam film,” by Niraj Warikoo for the Detroit Free Press, September 21

“The only solution is to replace the hate with love.”

And a Sharia blasphemy law.

Muslims protest outside Scottish Parliament:

“We demand international law to stop religious hatred”

Police removed a bystander who shouted at the protesters:

“Twenty thousand terrorist attacks since 2001. How do you justify that?”

“International law” means sharia: Muslims in Edinburgh are “more hurt than angry” about the film.

Oh yeah, I’m feelin’ it

And they’ll get it, too. Once they do, the ones who get to decide what constitutes “religious hatred,” as opposed to the telling of unpleasant truths, will wield immense political power, and become a protected class within society.

Note also that the police carted off one pro-freedom voice, while Islamic supremacists are allowed to heckle and shout down counter-jihadists with impunity.

“Protests against US anti-Islam film reach Scottish Parliament,” from The Scotsman, September 21


Thousands protest Muhammad movie, cartoons

When will this all end? When the West abandons the freedom of speech and adopts Sharia blasphemy laws. And that is coming down fast, especially after Obama’s reelection. “Thousands of Bangladeshis join Dhaka anti-Innocence protest,” from AGI, September 21  (JW)


Thousands of Muslim soccer fans protest Muhammad film

But…but…I thought all the Muslims in the Balkans were staunched “moderates” who loved America and embraced Western values!   “Serbia: Thousands of Muslim football fans protest anti-Islam film,” from AKI, September 21


Tunisia bans protest over French Muhammad cartoons

Greasy Islamophobia in Tunisia! “Interior Minister Ali Larayedh told Tunisian radio that authorities sensed that some groups were planning to pillage and carry out violence after weekly communal prayers at mosques Friday.” After prayers at mosques? Why the widespread misunderstanding of the Religion of Peace?


France bans protests over Muhammad cartoons

French authorities know they are a seedbed for mayhem and violent jihadist thuggery. “France bans protests over Prophet Mohammad cartoons,” from Reuters, September 21 (thanks to Block Ness):

Brother Waleed Aly lists the grievances:

There is just no ‘respeck’- or something:

This is the behaviour of a drunkenly humiliated people: swinging wildly with the hope of landing a blow, any blow, somewhere, anywhere.

…it is this disrespect that is the overarching grievance that subsumes others. Everything, global and local, can be thrown into this vortex: Swiss minaret bans, French niqab bans, military invasions, drone strikes, racist stereotyping, anti-immigrant politics, and yes, even films so ridiculously bad…. blah blah blather….

4 thoughts on “Its Friday! Friday is kuthba day!”

  1. In all religions, people coming out from their place of worship, are peaceful and non-violent – except for the Religion of Peace.

  2. * This is the behaviour of a drunkenly humiliated people: swinging wildly with the hope of landing a blow …

    [11 And the angel of the Lord said, See, you are with child and will give birth to a son, to whom you will give the name Ishmael, because the ears of the Lord were open to your sorrow.

    12 And he will be like a mountain ass among men; his hand will be against every man and every man’s hand against him, and he will keep his place against all his brothers.] Genesis 16

    And so it is.

  3. “This is the behaviour of a drunkenly humiliated people: swinging wildly with the hope of landing a blow.”

    Great line and true.

    There is nothing more annoying then someone continuously wallowing in self pity. But to have an entire subgroup wallowing is only going to lead to one thing.

    If we were dealing with people who weren’t perpetually stuck in a state of arrested development. One would advise, embrace the future. Pick your self up, engage in a little introspection and move on already.

  4. I just need to point out the irony of the Muslim protestors in Scotland.

    Who are using through Scottish law, the right of free speech to protest what…..? The use of free speech.

    Thank you Muslims for the laugh-Darwinism at it’s finest.

    Proving yet again, why you deserved to be mocked.

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