Official assistance for Wilders' visa request

We gotta drag them there, kicking and screaming:

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has contacted the Australian authorities over the visa application by Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders.

It is unclear why the visa has not yet been granted. The “anti-Islam politician” applied for a visa three weeks ago in order to give a series of lectures next month. The employees who would accompany him have already received their visas and the group which invited Wilders to Australia has accused the government of stalling over his application.

Its not “unclear” at all why Wilders hasn’t got his visa  yet. Australia is governed by a despicable bunch of extreme left wankers and flakes, that’s why.  A pathetic mob of cowards who are literally pissing all over themselves and the electorate out of fear of the  ‘religion of peace’.

Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal stressed that it is standard procedure for the ministry to become involved if a Dutch politician is having difficulty obtaining a visa. Rosenthal himself has not spoken with his Australian counterpart, but the issue has been discussed at a high level.

In other news:

Geert Wilders party PVV officially calls for shameless Islamo-panderer Schultz to be removed from office

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

The speaker of the European parliament has strongly condemned the recent anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims. But he in his turn has been roundly criticised for giving in to extremists. The film continues to provoke fierce reactions in the Western as well as the Arab world.

“I condemn strongly not only the content but also the distribution of such a movie, which is humiliating the feelings of a lot of people all over the world,” said a press statement issued yesterday by Martin Schulz, the speaker of the European parliament, in reaction to the amateur video that has led to sometimes violent protests throughout the Islamic world.

Dutch Euro-parliamentarian Hans van Baalen is unimpressed: “Schulz should be standing up for the freedom of expression”, the centre-right MEP told a Dutch radio station.
“This denunciation puts him on the wrong side of the argument. He’d have been better off saying that while he personally might find it a bad film, it must be possible to make and distribute it”.

According to van Baalen, someone who is on the right side is the Moroccan-Dutch Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Abu Taleb. “He spoke out for freedom of expression and advised Muslims to ignore the film”. Van Baalen emphasised that Abu Taleb is himself a Muslim.
Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders was also quick to condemn Schulz’s statement. Via Twitter, Wilders called him a ‘coward’ who had ‘sentenced freedom of speech to death’.


According to this article on PI (itself a translation from a Dutch newspaper), the PVV has introduced steps to have Schulz removed from his office. Of course, I don’t suppose the effort will succeed, but it’s always useful to send a signal to these people that they’re not completely immune from public opinion.


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  1. And now the EU oligarchists are 6talking of pushing ahead with an EU army. A dangerous thing with people like Barrosso, Schultz, Van Rompuy etc in power.

  2. Agree with you Hamid,
    However, if people can pressure their own governments the EU comittees have no power what so ever.

  3. The EU, OWG in test pilot stage.

    The problem the EU has and keeps over looking, is that you can not undue hundreds of years of loathing and history between countries just because you say we are suddenly unified.


    “Leave our future in the hands of unelected Maoists & Marxists. What could go wrong?”

    As long as the money keeps rolling in the elites can live in delusions just like their Soviet idols.

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