Jamie Glazov: "Our president is leading this nation in surrender to Sharia"

He sure does.

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”

That means the future belongs to the soldiers of allah and we don’t have one.

What would you do if  you woke up one day and your government was hijacked  by a half-black Marxist Muslim racist, a ‘community organiser’ from gangland Chicago, whose records are either extremely dodgy or scrubbed altogether,  and the white house infiltrated by the MuBros?

Jamie Glazov is the son of freedom fighters who combated Soviet tyranny, and he knows very well what a society looks like when citizens do not have freedom. In this appearance on Michael Coren’s superb Sun TV show, he discusses how Obama is kowtowing before violent Islamic supremacist intimidation, Islamic antisemitism and its potential genocidal implications in connection with Iran and Israel, the Muslim persecution of Christians, and what the President of the United States should and must do in order to preserve the freedom of speech and our other freedoms. If only his words were heeded.

In other news:

Azerbaijan: Three Muslims jailed for plot to kill teachers at a Jewish school

But don’t call them “savages.” That would be “racist.” “Azerbaijanis jailed for Jewish school murder plot,” from AP, September 27

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