Muselmaniac establishes Islam in Japan, gets warm welcome…..

Paki Fanatic attacks Japanese Immigration officers

This Paki turd is attacking decent and reserved Japanese immigration officers because he believes he is above infidel law; he is infuriated because  they do their duty and check who is hidden under his freedom sack wearing entourage.  The bearded freak is totally convinced that he holds a superior status over the heathen Japanese, so he threatens them with death and  the wrath of allah.

He arrives  in Japan dictating how others should treat him, while on the other hand, his Paki brothers murder people for faked crimes of blasphemy, kidnap and rape Christian and Hindu girls and force them into marriage with muslims;  lash people for eating during Ramadan etc.  But he thinks he has the right  to promote his perverse rubbish in Japan, which is a far more developed culture and civilisation.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes and Liveleak 

6 thoughts on “Muselmaniac establishes Islam in Japan, gets warm welcome…..”

  1. What happened next , did the Japanese let them into Japan, or put them on the next plane out?


  2. I suspect that he is being very carefully watched – if he puts his foot out of line again he will just dissappear into the Japanese prison system.

  3. Hopefully the officials sent him paking. Public affrontery like that is considered normal in muslim cultures but highly offensive in Japan.

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