Muselmaniacs Threaten Greece: "Democracy & Freedom on Death Row; Islam is Coming!"

Update: Muselmaniacs pause from rioting to say prayers curse the kafirs

But anyone who suggests that the Islamic religion might have something within it that incites violence will be charged forthwith with “bigotry,” “racism” and “Islamophobia.”

These are NOT political refugees and have no right to be in Europe. Deport  that scum.

Athens has seen fighting with Muslims before

(Andrew Bolt)

Muslim immigrants invaders warning the birthplace of democracy that Islam will destroy democracy?  An unhelpful protest in a land which is home to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants – and where anti-Turk and anti-Muslim feelings are still so strong that no official mosque is yet allowed in Athens:

GREEK riot police have used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse Muslim protesters who clashed with officers during a rally against the American film that denigrates Islam’s Prophet Mohammed…

About 600 people attended the rally, which featured heated speeches, but was mostly peaceful…. Three cars were damaged and three storefronts smashed.

Banners were displayed in English, denouncing the film and called on the US to hang the filmmaker. One told President Barack Obama “we are all with Osama”, referring to Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader who was killed in a US raid in Pakistan in May 2011.

Once again: internment & mass-deportations are the only solution to save western culture and civilisation.

Paki’s threaten Greeks:

Me thinks there are way too many of them.

2 thoughts on “Muselmaniacs Threaten Greece: "Democracy & Freedom on Death Row; Islam is Coming!"”

  1. Was the Berlin wall so bad? Shooting the berliners fleeing to the west seemed to be ok at the time. Surely shooting illegal muslim immigrants who seek to jump the wall into Europe should be in place. These people are invaders

  2. Hi from Athens, Greece.

    Thanks for mentioning the specific photo from the protest in Athens. Just by “coincidence” the same message has appeared in a “protest” in London”.

    Taken from this website

    I am sure that the expression “on death row” was written by a some kind of an “assistant”. Make no mistake that someone else is behind these protests. The reaction of right wing groups of the western society is anticipated by this “assistant”.

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