Mustard POTUS Rejects Criticism of Islam

Relax. The Moonbat Messiah is a Christian. He said so.

Obama reacts to critical movie on him

Vlad Tepes

Here the supposed ”leader of the free world” turns the US against the very same capitalism that has driven its economic engine to greatness, in exchange for government subsidies and debt.  (TT)

Libtards are insane

New York Times Sent Unpublished Columns to the Obama Administration for Vetting

Cocksuckers they are.–Read More

TIME Magazine: Anti-Islam Filmmakers Are ‘Islamophobic’ But Deadly Rioters Just ‘Orthodox Muslims’–

No double standards here, no freedom of speech at stake. “Islamophobes” are the enemy–Read More

WaPo Mustard: It’s ‘Extreme’ to Expect Extremist Muslims to Forsake Extremism

In a September 13 Washington Post On Faith blog post entitled “When free speech costs human life,” Qasim Rashid of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA complained that it was “extreme” to expect Muslims in the Middle East to develop thicker skin and not riot every time someone halfway around the world makes a video or cartoon that offends their religious sensibilities.–Read More

Tamara Holder: “Michelle Malkin is angry and needs to get laid…”

Only Libtards know how to fuck.

Tamara Holder is educated and annoys people on Fox news with statements like “I’m intelligent, that’s why you have me here”.  She is said to extend sexual favours to race-hucksters like Jesse Jackson et al….

 Liberal Fox Contributor Says Michelle Malkin Is Angry & ‘Probably Needs to Get Laid’- Comments »

Obviously, Holder does not like Malkins debating style.   Its because Michele ‘is like a pitbull with facts,’ which are conveniently missing from the left side of reason. Note where the vulgarity comes from: Maher, Matthews, Letterman, Madonna, and now one more, this Holder, take your pick.

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    Exclusive: Pamela Geller calls response to Islamic riots ‘a constitutional coup’

    While we were conducting our hugely successful Stop Islamization of Nations (SION) International Freedom Congress on free speech last Tuesday, Sept. 11, our embassies were being viciously attacked in the jihadists’ war on free speech and the freedom of conscience. The bloody irony was not lost on us. The U.S. Embassy in Cairo immediately tweeted: “We condemn the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims.” Although it later deleted the tweet, the Obama administration’s apology for “religious incitement” and “hurting the feelings of Muslims” crystallizes the battle set before us.

    We had gathered on the 11th anniversary of the jihad attacks that murdered 3,000 people to fight exactly the same battle that erupted with such fury on the same day: the global battle for free speech. A group of freedom fighters from all over the world gathered to tell the truth about Islam, jihad and the mainstream media’s war on free speech and honest reporting and analysis of that jihad. Speakers from the U.S., England, Europe, India, Israel and Australia spoke to a standing-room-only crowd about the media’s craven complicity in whitewashing the reality of jihad and demonizing those who fight for freedom.

    One key highlight of the afternoon was the surprise appearance of English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson, who was not allowed into the U.S. by quisling officials when he tried to attend our Ground Zero freedom rally in 2010. Tommy and his colleague Kevin Carroll spoke powerfully about how they have worked to defend freedom and human rights in the U.K., and yet are repeatedly and viciously maligned by a compromised media. Muhammad cartoonist Lars Vilks (who seemed to have a Swedish media swarm about him at all times) delivered a wonderful, clever presentation with humor, art and aplomb. His dryly witty presentation about his incredible adventures with his cartoons of Muhammad in the leftist art world had attendees spontaneously laughing but with caution, concern and … shock. The sweeping advances the Shariah has made in Europe and Scandinavia rattled even the most informed among us in the U.S.

    Another notable speaker and fighter was Cliff Kincaid, director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism. Accuracy in Media (AIM) is the nation’s leading conservative watchdog group for fairness, balance and accuracy in news reporting. Kincaid’s presentation was hard-hitting, very powerful. He eviscerated the Associated Press and other leading media organizations, which are on a jihad, among other things, to disarm the New York Police Department’s counter-terror initiatives.

    And while all this was going on, the riots began. The complicit media used these acts of war to continue its war against everyone who dares to do anything to resist the jihad and Islamic supremacism. The enemedia will sacrifice American lives and our First Amendment freedoms in their war on America. It is clearer than ever that the enemedia today functions as nothing more than a state-run propaganda arm for the most dangerous administration in American history.

    We continue to suffer the catastrophic consequences of Obama’s fantasist, anti-freedom foreign policy. The U.S. government is now saying that these anti-freedom riots have nothing to do with America or U.S. policy, but are solely about a video about Muhammad.

    In fact, the riots have everything to do with America and U.S. policy. They are about freedom of conscience and freedom of speech: they’re an attempt to get the U.S. to shut down free speech and criminalize criticism of Islam, in accord with Shariah blasphemy laws. And the Obama administration is responding by putting a huge target on the head of the First Amendment (and on that of every U.S. citizen who exercises that constitutional right). This is a constitutional coup.

    After the Shariah-compliant tweets of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, the Obama administration requested that Google remove the Muhammad video that supposedly touched off these riots. (In reality, the riots were planned for months, and have nothing to do with the video – they’re just an attempt to get the U.S. to destroy free speech.) Google, surprisingly, refused. The actions of the Obama administration in this are tantamount to treason – he is acting directly against the First Amendment.

    And it got worse. Nakoula Nakoula, the man who allegedly made the Muhammad film, was “picked up for questioning” by Obama’s feds. He was later released, but could still be put in jail on a probation violation. If he is, he will be a political prisoner, in prison not for the probation violation, but for blasphemy. And the attempt to tie defenders of freedom to this film, like me, is, in effect, a death fatwa sanctioned by the Obama administration.

    If Nakoula hadn’t made the video, he wouldn’t have been picked up. These are trumped-up charges. The Associated Press outed him after tracing his cell phone – he was hunted down like an animal and now may face jail on trumped-up charges in an act of submission and surrender to Islamic law. This is a complete abridgment of our rights of freedom of speech and freedom of conscience under the law. Jailing the filmmaker is more Shariah enforcement in America, as I warned about in my book “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.”

    One more thing. All of the years of Hollywood whining and hand-wringing over McCarthyism and the House Un-American Activities Committee is now exposed for what it always was: open warfare in the left’s cultural war on America. Every Hollywood phony should be standing up for this filmmaker a la “I am Spartacus.” But these self-important narcissists remain silent. The faux outrage directed at McCarthy was never about free speech; it was always about destroying the foundation of America, individual rights. And Obama and the media are leading the charge against our freedoms.

  2. Thanks for posting the article.

    It was intense and true.

    Only the left and the communist can create a surreal bizarro world existence.

    Were the truth is a lie and vice versa. The Good are bad and the Baddies labeled the good guys. Advanced societies are berated whilst the primitive is embraced and lauded.

    In the end, History proved that McCarthy was correct and the people he accused ‘were’ communist.

    Re: the NYT, no surprise there. They have been a moral, corrupt organization for over 80 years.

    Re: T. Holder, well there is a professional and witty rebuttal; that is the best she can come up with? Know you are loosing argument. Make personal attack.

    Amusing, considering T.H., by her own admissions is unable to find a man who would want her.

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